Predicting The Next NXT Superstars Who Will Get Called Up /

When Vince McMahon took over NXT and turned it into 2.0, many wrestling fans questioned the decision to end the beloved Golden brand. NXT 2.0 has become an authentic developmental brand for the WWE. The ultimate goal for every WWE superstar should be a call-up to the main roster and a spot-on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown.

Over the last couple of years, fans have learned that everyone that gets called up doesn’t get the same opportunities that others might get; a ton of superstars who were stars were let go without getting the chance to prove themselves on the main roster. With a new year comes new opportunities for the roster to prove that Vince McMahon’s choice to end the gold brand was the right choice. In this article, I will be discussing the superstars that should be the next to get called up to the main roster.

5. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes is one of the best wrestlers in NXT because he can wrestle and entertain. Grimes has wrestled worldwide and has been around long enough that WWE should consider moving him to the main roster. Grimes has learned the WWE style and has been both heel and face and has gotten over with fans. The WWE seems to like it when they can book wrestlers in comedic roles, and his current character would work on Raw or Smackdown.

4. Imperium (Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Gunther)

After having a fantastic long reign as NXT UK Champion, Gunther, who is no longer WALTER is officially an NXT 2.0 superstar. The brand needs a believable heel who can run through the 2.0 roster before jumping to the main roster. The current NXT tag team champions are Imperium members Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, who have spent more time in the US than the UK. The WWE main roster brand doesn’t have a heel stable like Imperium, who could become hated heels. The WWE should consider having Imperium debut on the RAW after this year’s WrestleMania and make Gunther the top heel because it would be something new and fresh for fans to see.

3. Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis has been on NXT for a while now, and with Johnny Gargano gone from WWE and Austin Theory already on the main roster, the WWE should be thinking of ways to bring Lumis to the main roster. Lumis had a breakout year in 2021, being involved in a romantic storyline. Lumis showed that he could carry a storyline and deliver in the ring when it came to being an essential brand piece. It’s doubtful that Lumis will ever win the championship, so a call-up to the main roster could be helpful to Lumis and whatever brand he’s on since WWE is moving towards wrestlers being gimmicky again. Dexter Lumis would be successful as a babyface or a heel on the main roster.

2. Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes has found much success in NXT as he is the final Cruiserweight champion and reigning North American Champion. This year, I don’t expect the WWE to move Carmelo Hayes to the main roster because I can see them building him up as a future champion. When it comes to Carmelo Hayes, wrestling fans were able to see from the beginning that he would become a focus on NXT because of his talking ability and in-ring ability.

1. Bron Breakker

The number one on this list is someone I can see WWE having on the main roster by the end of 2022 Bron Breakker. When Bron Breakker beat Tommaso Ciampa at New Year’s Evil for the NXT Championship, it felt like the beginning of NXT 2.0, and the official ending of the NXT golden era fans loved. Bron Breakker will become one of the most successful wrestlers from the brand because Vince sees Bron as the next big star for the WWE. Bron Breakker has the talent to become the next big star in WWE. Bron Breakker will have the main roster gold on his shoulders by summer 2023, and rightfully so because he is a second-generation wrestler who has it all to be the next big star.