Cameron Grimes is WWE main roster ready right now /

Cameron Grimes is ready to go “to the moon.”

The purpose of NXT 2.0 is to find the next star for WWE. While names like Bron Breakker and Cora Jade are generating excitement, as they should, there’s an individual that is main roster ready as we speak. With the right booking and push, Cameron Grimes is one name that is poised to have an impact on either Monday Night Raw or SmackDown the moment he steps through the curtain.

Grimes has consistently been an entertaining character since joining the NXT brand. Even before signing with the WWE, Trevor Lee was putting on exceptional matches as a part of EVOLVE, IMPACT, PWG, and others. Look back at his contests against Jeff Cobb at PWG Hand of Doom, his X-Division match against Taiji Ishimori, or any of his matches in BOLA as examples. Grimes was an established worker long before he decided he was going “to the moon.”

Cameron Grimes checks all the boxes of a WWE main roster star

But there’s a certain expectation around what it takes to be a “star” in WWE. Grimes checks all those boxes. He can work as either a heel or a face. He’s entertaining. His work rate in-between the ropes is among the best in NXT and would be highly ranked on the main roster. And when he cleans up, he looks the part.

While Grimes is needed on the current NXT roster, as he’s someone that fits between that space of being youthful, but also experienced, the main roster is truly lacking for fresh faces. The upcoming Royal Rumble would be the perfect opportunity to introduce him as a new name on either show. Imagine getting matches between Grimes and the likes of Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, or a rematch of the 2017 classic with Ricochet. The talent is right there, but WWE must take the opportunity.

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Cameron Grimes is a man that can go many places. His character has the money to go wherever he wants, even possibly outer space. But the one place that needs him sooner, rather than later is the WWE main roster.