AEW Rampage: Gunn Club spoil Jurassic Express’s party

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AEW Rampage: Beach Break is not live this week, but comes to us from Cleveland, OH.

Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed challenged Jon Moxley because the last time they faced each other, he attacked them before the match started (he conveniently left out that it was because Max Caster had said something offensive about his wife). To dig the knife in deeper, Bowens compared Mox to Oskar Kokoshka from Hey Arnold.

Jade Cargill chose Julia Hart to be her opponent. When “Smart” Mark Sterling tried to get Hart to sign the contract, Griff Garrison tried to stop her since her eye is still healing. This only encouraged her more.

Two weeks ago, FTR was talking trash to Arn Anderson, his son Brock, and “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson. Harwood said that Arn wishes FTR were his sons instead and for some reason, Brock didn’t drop them right then and there.

Private Party is the number one ranked tag team in AEW and challenged Jurassic Express for their titles.

Jon Moxley vs. Anthony Bowens w/Max Caster

After returning to the ring on last week’s Rampage, Moxley set out to make his record 2-0 in 2022. Mox immediately wrecked Caster for once again disrespecting Renee Paquette. Mox took out his frustrations on Bowens with right hands and chops. Bowens tried to go to the outside, but that was a mistake.

Moxley raked his back, tossed him in the barricade and threw him over said barricade. They briefly began battling in the crowd. Bowens slammed Mox into the ring post and followed it with a chop.

He got Mox back in the ring and hit him with his own right hands and chops. Bowens hit a Russian Leg Sweep and put him in a headlock. Mox powered out and kicked Bowens in the chest several times, but was grabbed by Caster. Bowens hit his opponent with a Discus elbow.

During picture-in-picture, Bowens attempted to pin Moxley and started doing pushups. After the break, Moxley had Bowens in the corner for an Avalanche Paradigm Shift. Bowens reversed into a Superplex. Bowens jumped towards Mox from the turnbuckle, but it backfired. Moxley hit Caster with a tope sucicida after Bowens pushed him into the line of fire. On the way back in the ring, Mox got nailed with a DDT.

The duo exchanged blows. Mox threw in some driving knee strikes. The pair exchange more punches and Mox hit Bowens with a pile driver. Moxley went for a sunset flip, but it was countered. Bowens hit the Claim to Fame, but it wasn’t enough. Mox asked for Bowens to hit him and he obliged. Bowens had the boombox and while Aubrey was distracted, Caster tossed in the chains. Mox hit a lariat and follows it up with a Paradigm Shift for the win.

Backstage, Bryan Danielson watched the match on the monitor and gave a sly grin as he walked away.

Moxley def. Bowens via pinfall

FTR w/Tully Blanchard vs. Brock Anderson and Lee Johnson w/ Arn Anderson

Johnson started off against Wheeler by putting him in side headlocks. The pair exchanged quick offense before Anderson was tagged in. Johnson hit a hurrincanrana. Harwood got in with Anderson and they took turns working each other’s arms and trading holds. Anderson and Harwood went for the same move. Wheeler got involved before Johnson was tagged in. Johnson hit a dropkick on Harwood before hitting tope con hilo on Wheeler. He attempted to do the same to Harwood, but overshot him. Johnson took Harwood down in the ring.

During picture-in-picture, Wheeler took control of Johnson. Harwood threw Johnson into the barricade while the ref was distracted. Wheeler hit him with multiple chops. FTR continued their offense on Johnson.

After the break, Johnson hit Harwood with a neck breaker. Harwood tagged in as did Anderson, who went on a rampage (no pun intended). Anderson hit a gut wrench on Wheeler. Anderson knocked Harwood off the apron. Anderson hit a DDT and Johnson hit a spinning frog splash, but Wheeler got his leg on the rope.

Anderson and Tully were jawing on the outside and Arn laid out his old nemesis. Johnson tried to piledrive Wheeler, but Harwood tagged in and they won with an assisted piledriver.

FTR def. Anderson and Johnson via pinfall

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Julia Hart

Hart is on a three-match win streak in singles competition. Cargill put Hart in a side headlock and put her down. Hart went for a crossbody, but Cargill hit her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cargill did her patented pushups and added in some sit-ups. Hart hit her from behind, but Cargill didn’t budge from Hart’s shoulder tackles. Hart did a couple of cartwheels. She was on Cargill’s shoulder and reversed it to try to put her in a victory roll-up.

Cargill hit her with a pump kick and pinned Hart with Jaded. The match lasted 2.5 minutes or the average women’s match on Dark.

Cargill def. Hart by pinfall

Jurassic Express (c) w/ Christian Cage vs. Private Party w/ Matt Hardy & Blade

Private Party brought back their red rope and paid Security Sam for his help. The Gunn Club were watching on from the crowd. Jurassic Express was exchanging words with the Gunn Club when they were attacked from behind. Private Party immediately went for Gin and Juice. Private Party kept up the offense, but Jungle Boy rolled out of the way.

Jungle Boy ducked under a clothesline to tag in his partner. Quen rolled out and was met by Blade and Hardy. Luchasarus threw Blade in the barricade and had his hands on Hardy. Hardy grabbed a chair and while the ref was distracted, he rammed it into Luchasarus’ knee and made him fall off the apron.

During picture-in-picture, Quen and Luchasarus continue to battle. Kassidy pushed Jungle Boy off the apron. Private Party continued their assault on Luchasaurus. After the break, they continued their assault, but Luchasarus moved and Kassidy hit the barricade. He got back in the ring and Private Party each had a leg and were drug across the ring. Jungle Boy was finally tagged in and threw both members over the rope. He hit three consecutive tope suicdias on them.

Jungle Boy got Kassidy back to the ring and went for a brainbuster. Kassidy hit him with an Enzuguri and then went up top, but Jungle Boy stopped him. Quen put Jungle Boy on his shoulders and Kassidy hit a crossbody on him, but Jungle Boy reversed it. Luchasaurus got in the ring and there was a lot of mayhem. Private Party went for Silly String, but were stopped.

Jungle Boy was on Kassidy’s back and Quen hit a Shooting Star Splash onto them. Jungle Boy hit a destroyer on Quen and they followed a Thoracic Express.

The Gunn Club attacked the tag team champions. Austin nailed Jungle Boy with the title. Billy helped them hit Luchasaurus with a title as well. It went off-air with the Gunn Club standing tall with the titles.

Jurassic Express def. Prviate Party via pinfall

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