WWE booking creates a no-win situation for Bobby Lashley as champion

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Bobby Lashley is once again the WWE Champion. He picked up the title after a controversial finish at Royal Rumble where he defeated Brock Lesnar thanks to interference from Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. Now, he’s heading into Elimination Chamber to defend his title against five other men, Lesnar included. WWE has booked itself into an unnecessary corner once again, and the outcome has the potential to negatively impact Lashley’s status as champion.

Heading into their match at the Rumble, Lesnar spoke of Lashley in very dismissive tones. “Lashley who?” could be considered the catchphrase to build that match. Regardless of the protective booking Lashley’s enjoyed since his return to the WWE in 2018, that was all negated the moment he was placed against Lesnar. Plus, the feud between Reigns and Lesnar hung over this match as it was mentioned at every opening.

After using the WWE Championship to layout Lesnar, Reigns showed a level of disgust with the belt, throwing it down to the mat. The same title that Lashley would proudly hold over his head and strap to his waist moments later. That visual has a lasting impact.

Along with Lashley and Lesnar, the Elimination Chamber features Matt Riddle, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Austin Theory. This capable group of performers is expected to deliver an exceptional match. But the question remains, how will the WWE book the outcome of this match?

A Lesnar victory cuts Lashley’s second title run to a mere few weeks. Pushing both titles back into the title unification story for WrestleMania hurts the entire roster. Lesnar is rarely booked to lose any match. Maybe the five other men team up against Lesnar to get him out of the match, which could save some of his “heat” but again, this isn’t a positive step for the top two angles of both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown.

There were a lot of viewers and media members concerned about Big E’s treatment both during his title run and coming out of WWE Day 1. So far, their assessments have been correct as he’s not only been quickly pushed out of the title picture but he’s switched brands and now feuding with MadCap Moss and Baron Corbin. Quite the demotion.

WWE Creative isn’t building any trust that Lashley’s title run will not receive similar treatment. Presenting him as the “lesser than” version of Lesnar doesn’t help his credibility as champion, or a top draw for the promotion. Now, he’s in a no-win situation as the company prepares to head back overseas.

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Once again, WWE shows a lack of future planning when it comes to the product. This is disheartening heading into the biggest show of the year and when it involves someone that fans have thrown their support behind like Bobby Lashley.