AEW: Three Contenders That Could Dethrone Britt Baker at Revolution

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The reigning AEW Women’s World Champion, Britt Baker has had an impressive run atop the AEW women’s division.

Since winning the title in May of 2021 at Double or Nothing, Baker has run roughshod over the majority of the women’s division.

Dr. Baker has defeated the likes of Nyla Rose, Red Velvet, Kris Statlander, Ruby Soho, Anna Jay, Abadon, Tay Conti, and Riho, leaving very few options within AEW left to challenge Baker at the upcoming Revolution pay-per-view.

But that is not to say that there is no one left for Baker to face, as all three of the women listed below are perfectly capable of taking the title off of Baker should they be given the opportunity to do so.

Who are the three women that have the best chance to end Britt Baker’s title reign?


WWE, Ember Moon
WWE, Ember Moon (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) /

The woman formerly known as Ember Moon is a free agent after being released by the WWE.  And while Tony Khan has alluded to the fact that he is going to be much more selective when signing free agents in 2022 than he has been in previous years, Athena is one free agent that should not be passed over.

Athena has everything you are looking for in a star.  She has a unique look, charisma, athleticism, and that rare combination of strength and speed that allows her to be comfortable in any sort of matchup.

Having an excellent performer like Athena show up prior to Revolution and then take the title off of Britt Baker at the pay-per-view would instantly get her over with the AEW fans and create a new star in a suddenly deep and versatile women’s division.

Serena Deeb

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Serena Deeb is red hot right now.  Since turning heel, she is arguably doing the best work of her career, both in and out of the ring.

And after disposing of former champion Hikaru Shida, Deeb should be looking for a new challenge, and Britt Baker just might be on her list.

Normally AEW would shy away from a heel versus heel matchup at a pay-per-view.  But this is a special case.

Baker is a heel, but still garners a lot of positive reactions from fans.  So the heel versus heel matchup could still take place while giving the fans someone to invest in.

Especially since Deeb has been that good as a heel.

Deeb has turned into a vicious assassin that takes her opponents down by systematically picking a body part and decimating it.  That style alone is enough to create sympathy and support from fans for whoever she is facing, and it would for Baker as well.

In Deeb and Baker, you have two women and the very top of their games that would put on an absolute gem of a match at Revolution.

Thunder Rosa

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While you could make the argument for Athena, Deeb, or maybe even Jamie Hayter as the one that will dethrone Britt Baker, the best answer is Thunder Rosa.  And not only should this match take place at Revolution, but it should also be the main event of the show.

Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker are no strangers to each other.  The last time they had a program it concluded with a lights-out match that was also the main event of Dynamite.  This was the first time that a women’s match had been the main event of AEW’s flagship show.

And the contest was an absolute thriller.  It was a match that would be nominated for many end-of-the-year awards and was the match that propelled Baker into that next level of stardom, despite coming up short.

When Baker won the title months later, Rosa seemed to be the woman most worthy of being the doctor’s first challenger due to the highly entertaining feud they had had just a couple of months earlier that had culminated with a Thunder Rosa win.

But AEW kept these two women apart with good reason.  Thunder Rosa is the heir apparent to Baker’s AEW Title.  And when the promotion is ready to take the title off of Baker, it will be her old rival that is there to snatch it up.

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