AEW Dynamite: Hangman retains title and Keith Lee debuts

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Tonight’s AEW Dynamite comes to us from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. It is headlined by a major announcement from Tony Khan, Isaiah Kassidy taking on a free agent signee in a qualifying match for the ladder match at AEW Revolution, and Hangman Page defends his AEW World Championship against Lance Archer in a Texas Deathmatch.

Wardlow kicks off the show by bringing out cardboard cutouts of MJF. He places them in the ring and instructs Justin Roberts to introduce FTR, accompanied by Tully Blanchard, Shawn Spears, and finally MJF. MJF gets carried out to the ring and has a very fancy entrance, following his win against CM Punk last week.

The Pinnacle starts celebrating once MJF reaches the ring and confetti starts falling. MJF calls for the mic and cuts a promo about how he’s the best wrestler on the planet. He says that last week he beat CM Punk twice in Chicago, so he’s better than the best in the world.

MJF says last week was a little bitter-sweet for him. He says this is because he beat someone he grew up loving on TV, but told him he sucked. MJF then thanks Shawn Spears, but this makes Wardlow visibly angry. Spears says he got MJF a gift and points to the screen on the top of the ramp and shows a new MJF shirt.

MJF says he’s not just there to party, he’s here to make a statement. He says it’s time he becomes the AEW World Champion. CM Punk walks out with no music. Tony Schiavone interviews CM Punk on the top of the entrance ramp.

Punk says that he came prepared and has some friends to help deal with The Pinnacle. He brings out Darby Allin, Sting, and three baseball bats. CM Punk says he wants a rematch and if MJF says no, they’ll beat it out of him.

Punk says he wants a rematch with Wardlow and says that if it wasn’t for Wardlow, they wouldn’t have won all their matches. MJF says he won last week all by himself. He also says that Wardlow is their best friend. Harwood grabs the mic and says that he wants a rematch with Punk.

Punk says that he wants a rematch against MJF and FTR as well, with Darby and Sting. MJF says that tonight will be Punk and a partner of his choosing (not Sting or Darby) against FTR. If Punk and that partner win, Punk gets MJF.

MJF announces Wardlow has a match next and he better suit up. It cuts to a camera backstage. We see Andrade finally meeting Sting and Darby Allin. Andrade says that Darby works for Sting. Sting says that if Andrade has an issue with Darby, he can speak to him personally. Darby says that he has bigger things to worry about.

Andrade says that Darby will work for him. He also says that they have something in common, Darby was TNT Champion, and Andrade will be the next TNT Champion.

The Blade vs Wardlow

The Blade makes his entrance first, followed by Wardlow, who is accompanied by Shawn Spears. Wardlow makes his way to the ring and looks frustrated and ready to beat someone up. The Blade hits a chop block on Wardlow before the bell even rings.

The Blade takes the fight to Wardlow and attacks his leg, but this doesn’t last long. Wardlow hits a lariat on The Blade followed by three belly-to-bellies. The Blade rolls out of the ring and Wardlow follows him and continues to beat him up outside the ring.

Wardlow throws The Blade back in the ring. The Blade tries to fight back into it but to no avail. Wardlow overpowers him and continues beating him up. The Blade tries to punch Wardlow but it has no damage to him. Wardlow spears The Blade into the turnbuckle.

The Blade goes for a kick on Wardlow but Wardlow catches The Blade with a powerbomb. Wardlow then hits the powerbomb symphony on The Blade for the pinfall and the victory.

Winner: Wardlow

After the match, Spears hits The Blade with a chair which pisses off Wardlow. We see a promo package also from Penta El Zero Miedo. Penta says that when Malakai spit in his face he spit in his soul, and he will face consequences. A new Penta is coming.

Chris Jericho makes his entrance into the ring followed by Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager. The crowd once again sings Judas as the three walk down to the ring for the Inner Circle’s team meeting.

Jericho grabs the mic and says that they haven’t seen Santana and Ortiz all day. All of a sudden, Santana and Ortiz’s new music hit, and they come out to the ring. Jericho says that he understands they want their own spotlight, and they deserve it. However, they embarrassed him two weeks ago when they refused to tag him in their six-man tag match and Jericho wants to know.

Santana says that Chris Jericho only cares about himself. He also says that any fight they had, has always been for the betterment and advancement of one person, Chris Jericho. Santana says anytime they had a little bit of spotlight, Jericho shuts it down because they have to come to his rescue.

Santana says that the days of them playing second fiddle are over. He also says that it was always Jericho who stood in their way and didn’t give them a bigger spotlight, but it was the fans that kept them going. He also says if it wasn’t for Ortiz he would have dropped Jericho a while ago.

Jericho says Santana reminds him a lot of Eddie Guerrero. Jericho says that Eddie Kingston hasn’t done anything to help him. He also says he is the influencer in this company. He says that he helped them more than anyone else has. Jericho says they blew their chance at winning the AEW Tag Team Champions but they lost to the Young Bucks.

Jericho says he brought them into the Inner Circle and he can kick them out as well. Jericho says he invited the wrong two members of LAX to join. He then asks Jake Hager for Homicide and Hernandez’s phone number. Santana pushes Jericho but Sammy says that they’re all a family and to stop.

Jericho tells Sammy to shut up and then goes to apologize. Sammy says he loves everyone and that they’re his family. Sammy also says that his goal is to be the greatest and the bickering won’t help it. He then takes off his vest and says he quit this group before and unless they can figure out their problems, he’ll quit again, then leaves.

Ortiz grabs the mic and says that he couldn’t have his facts more twisted. He says Kingston is their brother. He says if they have an issue, they don’t deal with it by talking, they use their fist. Ortiz challenges Jericho and Hager to a tag match next week. Jericho accepts.

Tony Schiavone is seen interviewing Trent and Rocky Romero ahead of their match with the Young Bucks on Friday. They get interrupted by Young Bucks. Cole attacks them from behind and they leave them laying. Jay White comes out of nowhere and picks up Trent and throws him into the truck. “The Switchblade” Jay White is All Elite.

The Face of The Revolution Qualifying Match: Isaiah Kassidy vs ???

Matt Hardy and Mar Quen make their way to the ring accompanying Isaiah Kassidy in his match. Kassidy’s opponent turns out to be Keith Lee. Lee gets a massive pop by the New Jersey crowd. Kassidy’s face, when Lee came out, said it all.

The bell rings and Keith Lee is playing to the crowd. Kassidy comes up and points in his chest. Lee throws him across the ring and he got massive height on that throw. Lee shows a ton of his explosive offense in this match. He sends Kassidy out of the ring and follows him. Mar Quen throws Kassidy back into the ring.

Lee follows him and hits a slingshot into a cross body on Kassidy. Lee goes to hit Kassidy with his finisher but Kassidy counters. Lee hits the pounce on Kassidy which sends him out of the ring. Matt Hardy left through the fans and walked out on Private Party.

Mar Quen tries to get involved and is able to distract Lee and Kassidy hits a high-flying move on Lee over the top and onto the floor. Kassidy tries to hit his strikes and kicks on Lee but Lee swats him away and drops him like a fly. Lee hits his finisher on Kassidy and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner: Keith Lee

After the match, Mar Quen jumps on Keith Lee’s back. Private Party sends Keith Lee out of the ring but Lee catches both of them and powerbombs Mar Quen on the apron. We see a promo package from Baker and Mercedes Martinez. Baker says that next week, Mercedes gets Rosa in a no disqualification match on Dynamite.

FTR vs CM Punk and ???

FTR makes their way to the ring, accompanied by Tully Blanchard. CM Punk’s music hits and he comes out and makes his entrance, he looks very happy about something and mouths that he found someone. Jon Moxley makes his entrance to the ring from the crowd.

CM Punk starts off the match with Dax Harwood. We see a bit of a feeling-out process at the beginning of this match. A lot of holds and headlocks. Harwood makes the tag to Wheeler and the two target Punks’ arm.

Punk gets back into the match and Wheeler tags in Harwood. Punk also tags in Mox and the two legal men are now Harwood and Moxley. Moxley uses a side-headlock followed by a side-headlock takeover on Harwood, but Harwood reverses it and uses one of his own.

Mox makes the tag into Punk and Punk takes the fight to Harwood. Wheeler distracts Punk though, which causes Harwood to target Punk’s leg. FTR controls this match now and are targeting Punk’s leg. Punk is able to tag out and Mox gets the hot-tag to come into the match.

Mox comes into the ring all fired up and takes out both members of FTR. Wheeler is able to trip Moxley but Punk comes in with the springboard lariat. Punk goes for the cross-body over the top rope onto FTR, but they catch him. Moxley hits a suicide dive onto everyone and takes them all out.

Mox throws Wheeler over the guardrail and they fight in the crowd. CM Punk and Harwood are brawling on the other side of the ring as well and all hell has broken loose. FTR throws Mox through the table at ringside and Punk comes over to check on him and try to get him going again.

Mox is able to crawl back inside the ring. Wheeler attacks Mox as soon as he enters the ring and FTR is in firm control of this match again. Mox is able to get back into the match and goes to tag Punk but Harwood and Punk are brawling on the apron. Punk tries to make the tag but Wheeler sends him flying.

FTR hit a double-team move onto Moxley and go for the pinfall, but he kicks out at two. Harwood goes for an elbow drop from the top but Mox moves out of the way. Mox hits a lariat on Wheeler and finally gets the tag in on Punk.

Punk comes in and hits a running knee into Harwood into the corner. Harwood then takes the fight right back to Punk. Harwood goes for a superplex but it gets reversed and Punk and Mox hit a doomsday device on Harwood. Punk pins Harwood for a two-count.

Wheeler hits a DDT on Moxley on the floor and gets the ring bell. Punk goes for the pin on Harwood but Harwood kicks out, sending Punk into the ropes and Wheeler hits him with a ring bell. Harwood goes for the pin but Punk kicks out.

FTR hits the big rig on Punk and goes for the pin but Moxley makes the save out of nowhere. Moxley and Punk stand back to back in the middle of the ring and they slug it out with FTR. Punk goes for a GTS on Wheeler but he counters. FTR goes for their patented piledriver but Mox makes the save.

CM Punk locks in the anaconda vice on Harwood and Harwood taps but the ref doesn’t see it. Blanchard makes the save and eats a GTS from Punk. Wheeler goes for a pin from behind but Punk kicks out. Punk hits the GTS on Wheeler for the pinfall victory.

Winner: CM Punk and Jon Moxley

After the match, MJF gets frustrated as he was watching from a screen in the back.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs AQA

AQA makes her debut in this match and makes her entrance first. Jade Cargill then makes her way down to the ring. Cargill quickly locks in a side-headlock onto AQA. Cargill ragdolls AQA as she puts her down on the mat. AQA is able to hit an arm drag on Cargill though which was awesome.

However, Cargill quickly counters and takes the fight to AQA. AQA is able to use some quickness to get back into the match. Jade throws AQA into the apron on the outside of the ring and the two women brawl on the outside.

Cargill throws AQA back inside of the ring and the two continue to fight in the middle of the ring, with Cargill gaining the upper hand, quickly. Cargill taunts AQA by doing push-ups in the ring and flexing.

Cargill dominates this match for the most part. AQA tries to hit Jade with Punches but can’t get her off her feet. She finally is able to take Jade off her feet with a swing blade maneuver. Cargill throws AQA into the ropes but AQA counters with a DDT. AQA hits a shooting star press on Jade for a two-count.

AQA climbs the ropes and attempts to do it again, but Jade is able to catch her and throws her into the turnbuckles. AQA counters and goes to the top and attempts a cross body but Jade catches her and hits her finishing move on her for the pinfall victory.

Winner: And Still TBS Champion, Jade Cargill

After the match, Cargill taunts in the ring with her belt. We see the Cutler Cam again backstage with Adam Cole and the Young Bucks. The Young Bucks say they will be AEW Tag Team Champion. Matt Jackson says Adam Cole should have told them Jay White was going to show up because White and Omega were arch-enemies a little while ago.

Serena Deeb makes her way out to the ring and says the last time everyone saw her, it took her under three minutes to beat Skye Blue. She says nobody in the back can go five minutes. Tonight she’s issuing the Professor’s Five Minute Rookie Challenge.

Serena Deeb vs Katie Arquette

Serena Deeb quickly takes the fight to Katie Arquette. She turns her back to Arquette and Arquette goes for a waist lock, but Deeb counters. Deeb locks in her finisher and causes Katie Arquette to tap out. Serena Deeb wins in a minute.

Winner: Serena Deeb

After the match, we see a video package for Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy defending their AEW Tag Team Championships against The Gunn Club on Friday night at AEW Rampage.

AEW World Championship Match Texas Deathmatch: Adam Page vs Lance Archer

Lance Archer makes his entrance to the ring first. However, the camera cuts to the back and we see Hangman and Archer going at it. The two brawl into the arena and fight atop the entrance ramp. The ref calls for the bell and the two continue brawling on the ramp.

Page hits Archer with his belt and throws him through the glass. Archer has been bloodied already. Hangman goes for the buckshot lariat on Archer in the ring and hits him, but Archer rolls outside. Archer hits Hangman with a trash can lid out of nowhere. This leaves Page laying.

Dan Lambert comes out to unscrew the turnbuckle. Archer continues decimating Page outside the ring. The two then brawl in the crowd with the fans. Archer goes for a chokeslam but Hangman counters and hits Archer with a moonsault.

The two then fight inside the ring. Thanks to Dan Lambert, there is no more top rope, so Hangman can’t use his famous lariat. Archer dominates the majority of the rest of this match. Archer sets up two tables on the outside of the ring right next to each other. Archer goes for his finisher threw those tables but Hangman fights out of it.

Archer throws Hangman into the middle turnbuckle and Page is all bloodied by now as well. Jake Roberts hits a clothesline onto Hangman and it’s essentially a three-on-one. Roberts went for his DDT, but Archer pulls him away. Archer gets made at Jake and Hangman hits a DDT of his own on Archer.

Hangman pulls out a kendo stick and wacks it over the back of Lance Archer. He does it again and again but now it seems to have no effect. Hangman then hits him over the head with a kendo stick four times. Archer catches the kendo stick once and breaks it over his knee.

He chokeslams Hangman through a trash can in the ring and takes out Page. Archer hits Hangman with a fork and then puts the fork in his mouth. Archer is a deranged man. Archer hits the cannonball senton onto Page on the outside of the ring.

Archer throws Hangman back into the ring and throws four chairs in as well. He also pulls out a barbed wire chair as well and licks it, before throwing that into the ring. Archer kicks Hangman in the face and turns the steel steps sideways. Archer hits the blackout onto Page on the steel steps and Page bounces off and falls to the ground.

Archer throws Hangman back in the ring and goes to hit Page with the barbed wire chair, but Hangman takes a piece of the wire and hits Archer with it. Hangman then hits a buckshot lariat using the referee’s back and goes through the table outside with Archer.

Hangman is able to make it to his feet before the ten count but Archer is not. Hangman wins the match.

Winner: And Still AEW World Champion, Adam Page

After the match, Adam Cole comes out to the ring and grabs the title from the ref. He holds it up and then puts it on Hangman’s shoulder. Adam Cole is next-in-line for the AEW World Championship.