Swerve Strickland has all the main event level characteristics right now


Swerve Strickland has all the tools to be a main event talent right now. 

AEW’s once again created a lot of buzz heading into a weekly showcase of AEW Dynamite. This time, all eyes are on the surprise promised by Tony Khan for a new signee to join the company. This is a hot time in professional wrestling free agency, and one name has bubbled up to the top in recent days. That person is Swerve Strickland. Securing Strickland would be a move that gives them another main event talent ready instantly ready for the spotlight.

Strickland has yet to wrestle since his release from the WWE back in November last year. That hasn’t stopped him from keeping his name in the wrestling public, as he’s been announced for multiple events starting later in February including TERMINUS 2 on February 24. Seeing how he was released on November 18, his non-compete clause would expire on February 18. That lowers his chances of being tonight’s surprise, but that doesn’t mean AEW and other promotions aren’t ready to jump on Strickland as a big star.

Fightful Select reported on Tuesday that many of the biggest companies in wrestling are looking closely at Strickland. According to the report, New Japan Pro Wrestling USA and AEW both asked about his status early in his free agency. Plus, MLW could make an effort for Strickland, as he’s already seen success in that promotion which is slowly building its foothold in North American wrestling.

Strickland has you covered whether your interest is in professional wrestling or sports entertainment. If your experience with Swerve is totally defined by WWE, take some steps to look at what Strickland achieved in companies like MLW, CZW, EVOLVE, GCW, and many of the other organizations that indie wrestling fans rave about. His work delivers from bell to bell, and he’s exceptional at getting his character over outside of those times as well.

Where will Swerve Strickland turn up next?

Strickland has all the tools to be a big name on a mainstream platform, right now. The “wait and see” or “let it play out” crowds have zero ammunition against an immediate main event push for Strickland wherever he would land.

AEW is the front runner from a fans’ perspective for where they’d want to see Strickland show up next. Especially as that company continues to partner with other groups, the opportunities there are more extensive. Plus, the idea of seeing Strickland stand across the ring from the likes of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, CM Punk, Dante Martin, and others should cause fans to salivate.

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Swerve Strickland’s WWE run was unceremoniously cut short for questionable reasons. As his 90-day non-compete clause comes to a close fans are predicting where he will show up. He’s one of the top free agents available and wherever he ends up, that company will get an immediate boost to its roster.