AEW: Miro is a talent that shouldn’t be kept off television

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There’s a lot of news bubbling around AEW and fresh faces walking through the curtain. However, there are also growing questions about some faces that haven’t been seen as frequently. Miro is one of those competitors that aren’t on television even though fans want to see more of “God’s Favorite Wrestler.” AEW must find a way to leverage Miro, even as creative develops a direction for the former champion.

Miro’s last match was back in November when he was defeated by Bryan Danielson at AEW Full Gear. Since then, he was featured in sporadic vignettes that kept him on television but without any clear direction to what is next. During a text Q&A session this week, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported that Miro is “supposedly healthy” and waiting on creative.

Miro is a name that can’t remain on the sideline long. When he was brought into AEW fans were initially questioning his booking, as the pairing with Kip Sabian seemed like a puzzling utilization of his talents. That changed after Miro demolished Sabian and made the run that pushed him to the TNT Championship.

But where could Miro fit as AEW’s roster continues to bloat? Miro should be built to be an eventual challenger to “Hangman” Adam Page.

Some have questioned the start of Page’s title run, even though he and Bryan Danielson had Match of the Year quality contests. Now, he’s coming off a match with Lance Archer that exceeded expectations. Adam Cole is standing in front of him as the number-one contender. Opinion is waving back-and-forth between who will come out with the title, but if Page keeps the belt around his waist, which is the prime time for Miro to step up as the next challenger to the title.

Perhaps that feud ends with Miro taking the belt or gives Page another big victory to further cement his run as champion. Either outcome works for the current direction at the top of AEW’s card.

Everything about Miro’s post-Sabian character development is exactly what wrestling fans wanted to see. WWE dropped the ball on how he was booked, and AEW nearly did the same when he first signed. With the understanding that Miro was dealing with an injury, if he is healthy at this point, AEW must find a way to keep his name fresh in the mind of fans. Squash matches on Dark and Dark Elevation, mixed with continued television vignettes are the way to go until it’s time to build him back to a monster run at the top of the card.

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Miro has shown flashes that he’s a top talent on the AEW roster. If he’s sitting backstage waiting on creative, then something needs to change because he’s someone that cannot be kept off television.