AEW Rampage: Jurassic Express retain their tag titles


AEW Rampage is from Atlantic City.

Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice are finally having their first AEW matchup after it was postponed when Rocky Romero contracted COVID. On Dynamite, Adam Cole ambushed RPG Vice and after the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger and a wild Jay White crossed through the Forbidden Door.

HOOK will be in action against QT Marshall’s top student at the Nightmare Factory, Blake Li.

Britt Baker, DMD is facing Robyn Renegade. She’s been a fixture with her twin sister, Charlette, on AEW Elevation and Dark. Charlette had an unfortunate typo promoting her sister’s match that got the attention of CM Punk and Tony Khan.

The number one ranked Gunn Club challenged Jurassic Express for their titles. Two weeks ago, Rampage ended with Gunn Club standing over the champs with their titles.

Young Bucks w/Brandon Cutler vs. Roppongi Vice w/ Orange Cassidy, Chuckie T, and Wheeler Yuta

Both teams got Twitter entrances tonight. Too bad the TV viewers didn’t get to experience the Roppongi Vice theme. The teams have one of the biggest rivalries in NJPW. This is their first match in the US.

Romero took Nick down with a huricanrana. Matt ping ponged back and forth between Roppongi Vice. Roppongi Vice caroseuled between the Bucks. The Bucks decided to leave, but it was a trap. Beretta and Romero ran after them and got Superkicked at the top of the ramp. The Bucks ran to the ring to try to win via count out. Romero got to the ring at the 9 count. The Bucks beat up Rocky and kicked Trent off the apron and then tossed Rocky to the outside.

Nick did a fancy move off the top rope to take out Beretta and Romero. Orange Cassidy crawled under the ring and gave up a thumbs up. The Bucks went after him and pulled out Danhausen. He cursed the Bucks and Roppongi Vice hit them with tope suicidas.

During picture-in-picture, all four men took turns beating each other up in and outside of the ring. The Bucks threw Roppongi Vice into the apron in stereo. After the break, Matt got Romero to the corner and got a fake tag. Matt took him down. The Bucks mocked the Best Friends’ hug. Romero took down both Bucks. Beretta was tagged in and hit the half and half and a back elbow followed by.a DDT. On the outside, Beretta hit another half and half. Roppongi Vice hit a doomsday device on the outside.

The two continue their offense of Nick. Beretta punched Nick multiple times in the back and then a hit a release German suplex. Nick landed on his feet and hit his own German suplex. Roppongi Vice hit stereo suplexes, but the Bucks answered with stereo Superkicks.

Matt and Romero hit dueling blows and Romero hit a knee strike and a back heel kick. Romero nearly pinned Nick. Trent hit an Avalanche German suplex on Matt and then a Storm Zero, but it was broken up Nick. Matt Superkicked them both. They set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Beretta  broke it up. Romero hit with BTE Trigger and Nick got the pin.

After the match, Cutler sprayed Cassidy in the glasses with cold spray. Cassidy kicked him and hit the Orange Punch. Young Bucks answered by Superkicking Cassidy. Beretta in the middle of the ring and got hit with a Blade Runner from Jay White.

Young Bucks win via pinfall

After the commercial, Ricky Starks announced Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin in a Face of the Revolution match next Friday on Rampage at 7 PM ET.

Brian Danielson says CM Punk teaming with Jon Moxley was a “one night stand”. Matt Sydal interrupted to take issue with what Danielson. Moriarity stepped in and challenged Danielson next week on Dynamite.

Robyn Renegade vs. Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (c) w/Rebel

Jamie Hayter is noticeably absent from ringside. Renegade had Baker in a side headlock on the mat. Baker reversed and had her down. The two exchanged wrist locks and the champ covered her twice. Baker hit Renegade with punches.

While arguing with the ref, Renegade kicked her in the head and some forearms. Baker was in the corner and Renegade ran towards her, but Baker moved and took her down. Baker hit her with a hair whip and followed with stomps.

In picture-in-picture, Rebel cheated while Baker distracted the ref. Baker attempted to pin Renegade again. Baker continued the offense on Renegade. After the break, Renegade hit a hair whip on Baker and drop kicked her in the corner followed by double knees. Renegade went up top and hit a splash and nearly pinned the champ. Baker thrust kicked Renegade twice. Baker hit an elbow strike and fisherman’s neck breaker.

After the match, Baker put her in the lockjaw. Thunder Rosa ran through Rebel and rained down punches on Baker. Hayter hit a back backer on Thunder Rosa. Mercedes Martinez came down and fought with Hayter over who would take out Rosa.

HOOK vs. Blake Li

HOOK looks to go 5-0 against Marshall’s star pupil. Li is an amateur wrestler. HOOK took down Li from behind. The pair circled around and Li went for HOOK’s ankle. HOOK put Li in a half quarter Nelson and Li forced a rope break.

HOOK laid in punches. Li hit a hip toss. HOOK threw Li down and then got him in the corner. Marshall on the corner to distract HOOK. Li hit an elbow and tried to jump off the top rope and HOOK simply stepped out of the way. HOOK overheard throw and then followed with cross. HOOK locked in the REDRUM for the win.

HOOK wins via submission

The Gunn Club vs. Jurassic Express (c)

The Gunn Club are the Number One contenders and are 6-0. Jurassic Express ran into the ring and the Gunn Club scrambled out. Jungle Boy started off against Austin with a lockup and quickly got him down. Austin knocked Jungle Boy down with a shoulder tackle. Jungle Boy did the “suck it” gesture to Billy, after Austin did it first.

Jungle Boy took Colten down and got an arm drag before a comebacker lariat. Luchasaurus tagged in and shoved Gunn Club into ring apron. He hit an upper cut and clothesline on Austin before tossing him down. Jungle Boy tagged in and hit senton. Colten tagged in and hit Jungle Boy with a lariat.

In picture-in-picture, Colten had Jungle Boy by the hair and pushed him into the ropes where he laid in forearms. Colten attempted to pin Jungle Boy and tagged in his brother. Jungle Boy was in the corner and Austin hit him with several right hands. Jungle Boy was down in the corner and Colten kicked him before taking him to another corner before slinging him across the ring. Colten hit a dropkick in the center of the ring. The brothers took turns beating up Jungle Boy.

After the break, Austin had Jungle Boy in a side headlock. Jungle Boy tossed Austin to the outside and Colten tagged in while he was on the way down. Colten took down Luchasarus. They kept Jungle Boy isolated. Austin hit with a fast German Suplex by Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy nailed a comebacker lariat on Colten. Luchasarus tossed Gunn Club around and took them both down.

Luchasaurus went for double chokeslams, but they escaped to the outside. Jungle Boy hit a tope suicida. Luchasaurus nailed a moonsault press on Colten. Austin followed with rolling elbow strike on Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy hit tope on his partner. Austin was hit with a quickdraw on the outside.

Austin tried to cheat by putting his legs on the rope, except Christian broke it up. Billy took out Christian. Colten hit Jungle Boy with the title and nearly pinned him. Austin had Jungle Boy on shoulder and Luchasaurus chokeslammed Colten into the crowd. Christian speared Billy. Jungle Boy hit killswitch on Austin for the win.

Jurassic Express wins via pinfall

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