WWE SmackDown Results: Charlotte Flair retains in main event

Ronda Rousey of the US talks to the press before a face-off for the UFC fight in Melbourne on November 13, 2015. Over 55,000 are expected to attend the UFC fight between Rousey and compatriot Holly Holm in Melbourne on November 15. RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE NO ADVERTISING USE NO PROMOTIONAL USE NO MERCHANDISING USE AFP PHOTO/Paul CROCK (Photo credit should read PAUL CROCK/AFP via Getty Images)
Ronda Rousey of the US talks to the press before a face-off for the UFC fight in Melbourne on November 13, 2015. Over 55,000 are expected to attend the UFC fight between Rousey and compatriot Holly Holm in Melbourne on November 15. RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE NO ADVERTISING USE NO PROMOTIONAL USE NO MERCHANDISING USE AFP PHOTO/Paul CROCK (Photo credit should read PAUL CROCK/AFP via Getty Images) /

WWE SmackDown results live from New Orleans, Louisiana. WWE announced a stacked line-up before the show aired. They announced WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg, would return ahead of his blockbuster Universal Championship match with Roman Reigns next Saturday at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. Also, Naomi will receive another shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair, Sami Zayn was to host another episode of “In-Zayn” with guests Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, and rockstar sidekick, Rick Boogs. It was also noted that Natalya will take on Aliyah in Dungeon Style rules with a pinfall or submission the only way to win.

WWE SmackDown results – February 11, 2022

The show opens with a video recap from last week of Ronda Rousey choosing SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, to face at WrestleMania.

We cross live to the arena in New Orleans with Corey Graves filling in for Pat McAfee this week on commentary.

WWE Official, Sonya Deville, is already in the ring. Deville welcomes everyone to the show. Sonya says he has to acknowledge the attack that she endured from Ronda Rousey last week. Sonya says Ronda and Naomi have no regard for authority. Sonya said she doesn’t care who it is, there will be consequences for their actions.  Sonya said that she sent a petition to upper management for Ronda to be fined $100,000 and had been suspended immediately. Adam Pearce then appears with an email on his phone from Vince McMahon. Adam reads it and it says that Vince is sick of WWE authority figures taking matters into their own hands and getting physical. Vince declines her petition, and also says that she is not allowed to lay her hands on Naomi tonight in the SmackDown Women’s Championship match. If she doesn’t, then her job would be in serious jeopardy.

Naomi then makes her way out to the ring. Naomi asks Sonya what’s the matter. Naomi mentions that Vince said in his email that Sonya can’t lay her hands on Naomi, but that doesn’t stop Naomi from laying her hands on her. Naomi then slaps Sonya as the WWE Official is shocked, much to the delight of the Feel The Glow superstar.

A recap is shown of Big E & Kofi Kingston vs. Los Lotharios from last week. They have a rematch next.

Big E & Kofi Kingston vs. Los Lotharios

Kayla Braxton interviews Los Lotharios before the match as they say that they are lethal lovers and there won’t be an almost this week as they will beat Big E & Kofi. They also do a “Los Lotharios Kiss Cam” as they walk down the entrance ramp, as they both kiss a member of the audience. In another fast-paced and exciting match, very similar to last week, this time with Los Lotharios picking up the win as Humberto Carrillo pinned Kofi Kingston.

Winners: Los Lotharios via pinfall

Backstage, Megan Morant interviews The Viking Raiders. Erik is asked about his loss last week. Before he can answer, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Uso’s, attack them and take some of their Viking gear.

Backstage, Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, is shown getting ready for a sit-down interview.

Michael Cole interviews Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, in the backstage area. Cole questioned Roman what it was like to see Goldberg return and challenge him. Cole mentions his unbeaten streak in WCW. Roman says if he was in WCW everyone would be winning because it would still be in business. Cole mentions Goldberg beating Brock Lesnar in 86 seconds at Survivor Series in 2016. Roman asks Cole if they’re still talking about Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman says he doesn’t care about him and he loves his Tribal Chief.

Roman then says nobody cares about Goldberg and he’s here now, and he’s the greatest Universal Champion of all time. Cole brings up the match Reigns and Goldberg should have had at WrestleMania 36 and asks if there’s any added pressure. Reigns said all the pressure was on Goldberg. He said two years ago, Goldberg might have had a chance, but he’s the Head of the Table now and says he’s going to smash Goldberg. Roman Reigns says he’s going to ‘Goldberg’ Goldberg.

A video recap is shown of the rivalry between Natalya and Aliyah.

Natalya vs. Aliyah in Dungeon Style rules winning either via pinfall or submission

Natalya brought a copy of the Guinness Book of Records 2022 with her to the ring. In a back-and-forth match, Natalya ultimately locked Aliyah in a Sharpshooter as Aliyah was hanging over the bottom rope. Aliyah eventually had no other choice but to tap out.

Winner: Natalya via submission

After the match, Natalya goes to attack Aliyah, but Xia Li comes out and attacks Natalya. Natalya eventually escapes but is in shock by what just happened.

A video is shown of WWE celebrating Black History Month with a focus on Rocky Johnson. The video was also narrated by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring for another episode of “In-Zayn” with Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Rick Boogs in the style of an in-ring podcast. A video is shown from earlier today of Johnny Knoxville visiting a WWE store and Sami Zayn damaging Zayn’s merchandise. Knoxville said, “it’s not over.” Zayn says he’s not going to dignify that. Sami says he needs to focus on the task at hand by getting back his Intercontinental Championship next week. Zayn introduces his show as the fans boo. Zayn then mocks the audience before Rick Boogs appears as he introduces Shinsuke Nakamura.

Sami Zayn tells Shinsuke to have a seat. Sami is shocked he showed up because he’s been the No.1 contender for the IC Title for six weeks and Nakamura has been ducking him. Zayn can’t wait to see the look on his face next week when he beats him. Zayn thinks Nakamura has been secretly working with Johnny Knoxville. Shinsuke pauses him and asks him if he saw the movie. Not Jackass Forever, but Jackass Defeated. Sami then questions Shinsuke going from having Sami in his corner to now having Rick Boogs in his corner. Boogs then tells him to shut up. Boogs tries to touch the mic and he gets some sort of electric shock. Sami then takes advantage and takes down Shinsuke Nakamura as he was attempting to attend to Boogs.

A recap is shown of Drew McIntyre returning to SmackDown last week and attacking Madcap Moss.

Backstage, Madcap Moss has a black eye. Happy Corbin says his match with Cesaro is next. Madcap says he’s going to have to miss this match tonight. Moss says Corbin can handle Cesaro, as Madcap is going to get a doctor to look at his eye as he might be able to get out of his match with Drew McIntyre next week in Jeddah.

Cesaro vs. Happy Corbin

Happy Corbin dominated Cesaro in the opening stages of the contest. Cesaro eventually worked his way back into the match and used some impressive offense. In the end, Happy Corbin hits the End of Days on Cesaro to pick up the win to extend his unbeaten run under his current gimmick.

Winner: Happy Corbin via pinfall

Backstage, Madcap Moss is shown in the doctor’s room talking about his vision. Moss says he needs him to cancel the match next week. The doctor does a vision test and Drew McIntyre appears with his sword and Moss sees it clearly. McIntyre says that they’re going to have a Falls Count Anywhere match in Jeddah next week.

Backstage, SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, is shown saying she is going snuff out Naomi’s glow tonight in their title match.

Michael Cole is shown backstage interviewing Goldberg similar to how he did with Roman Reigns earlier tonight. Goldberg tells Cole that he loves him like a brother. Cole says there are whispers out there that it may be one comeback too many. Goldberg says the problem is he has listened to a couple of those people, but he’s turned a page and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He says this comeback is going to stick and be everlasting.

Cole mentions the match that should have happened at WrestleMania 36. Goldberg says he is still the same Goldberg, and Roman Reigns is going to get what he deserves. Cole says that Roman Reigns said earlier that he’s going to ‘Goldberg’ Goldberg. Goldberg says as for Roman Reigns he will beat him next week and he’s going to walk out with the Universal Championship next week and go onto WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar. Goldberg says there is only one Goldberg.

A recap is shown of the segment that kicked off the show which resulted in Naomi slapping Sonya Deville.

Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

The match started around 25 minutes before the broadcast was due to end, so it appeared the bout was going to get a lot of time. Naomi scored a number of believable near falls to keep everyone on the edge of their seat, however, in the end, Charlotte Flair retained her championship with the Natural Selection. Overall, that was a great match.

Winner: Still SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair via pinfall

After the match, Sonya Deville entered the ring and Naomi attacked her. Charlotte re-entered the ring to take down Naomi, only for Ronda Rousey to make her way out as Ronda beats down both Charlotte Flair and Sonya. Charlotte eventually pulls Sonya to safety. Looks like we may potentially get a tag team match coming up in the future.

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