Wardlow’s turn on MJF will bring flashbacks of Batista vs Triple H

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Several big storylines are flowing in All Elite Wrestling. CM Punk versus MJF is one that sits at the top of the card. But there’s an interesting substory boiling within and that’s between Wardlow and MJF. This story goes back to the start of AEW in 2019 and it’s coming to a head. When breaking this down, Wardlow’s turn is eerily like that of Batista, a turn that kicked off a massive campaign building him into a superstar.

Is this the week it’s going to happen? That question pops up every week MJF and Wardlow are on television together. Wardlow continues to find himself run down by his current “employer,” with each week highlighting a new transgression that pushes the big man closer to the edge. MJF wants to keep all eyeballs on him, reminding everyone that he’s the main attraction and Wardlow is to stay in the background. Sound familiar?

Rewind the clock 17 years, back to 2005. Triple H was in the middle of yet another title run, but this time he was flocked by Evolution – Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and a “new” face, Batista. Batista won the Royal Rumble and Triple H rewarded him for doing so by having him nearly run down by a limousine. The history between the two is well known by this point, as Batista would defeat Triple H for his first championship and go on to put up a 14-1 record against him.

But this isn’t a history piece about Batista, instead, let’s focus on the comparison between the two and their current stories. Even without saying much, Wardlow presents like a superstar with his facial expressions, playing to the crowd, and when in his ring gear or “regular” clothes. He’s someone that would look like a champion with either title strapped around his waist. Besides, everyone just wants to see Wardlow powerbomb MJF into a paste, just as fans wanted to see Batista do to Triple H more than a decade ago. When it does happen, the fan eruption will shake the roof of whatever building AEW is in at the time.

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As said multiple times, predictability has a place in professional wrestling. It’s predictable that Wardlow is going to turn on MJF after two years of build. We’ve seen this before with Batista and Triple H. Hopefully, this kicks off another highly successful career that leads to major moments not only with Wardlow pummeling MJF but an interwoven storyline that can be told for years to come.