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Whenever CM Punk made his shocking return to pro-wrestling, it turned the whole world of wrestling on its head. After years of fans around the world chanting for the “Best in the World” to show up, he finally appeared. In August of 2021 in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, CM Punk came out to a pop that could have possibly been registered on the Richter scale. CM Punk was finally back and the wrestling world couldn’t have been happier.

While CM Punk had lost his love for pro-wrestling and once said he would never return, he looks to be happy and loving wrestling once again.

Since Punk has been back, he has torn down the house with new and familiar opponents and shown that he has refound his love for the business. Punk proved that he’s still got it time after time and pushed himself to remind everybody exactly why he has been known as the “Best in the World” for years. While many wondered how the seven years off would affect CM Punk, he hasn’t seemed to miss a step as he has put on a great performance with everyone he has crossed paths with. He is still as good as ever, especially on the microphone.

Since joining AEW, he has had good programs with the likes of Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, and even had the chance to team with Sting. However, Punk’s biggest storyline so far has been working with Maxwell Jacob Friedman. They have had an entertaining back and forth with MJF doing the near-impossible by holding his own on the microphone with Punk. The November 24th promo between the two was arguably the most entertaining promo that has happened in the three years that All Elite Wrestling has been around.

MJF and Punk have pushed the best out of each other in their time working with each other. You can feel the fans wanting Punk to put MJF finally in his place. Although, it is MJF who has the upper hand at the moment after giving Punk his first loss since returning by using underhand tactics, no surprise. Surely, Punk will be looking to get some revenge on MJF in the near future. However, once Punk is done with this feud, there may already be somebody waiting next in line.

While there is still pro-wrestling in the world, there will also be a dream match. Over the years, we have been lucky to see a number of dream matches come to life. Most recently seeing Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley finally collide at the Royal Rumble. However, there are even more dream matches that have never happened and some that never can. It’s sad to know how close we were to seeing Eddie Guerrero versus Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania.

It’s hard to see Sting and The Undertaker in the same company finally and yet never see the match happen. That is why when a dream match does finally happen, it can be something special, especially when it seemed impossible at one time. At one time, many fans never thought they would see CM Punk inside another wrestling ring. The dream matches that they dreamed of with Punk in started drifting to the back of their minds. However, the moment that CM Punk announced to the world, “I’m back,” one name instantly came to my mind: KENTA.

CM Punk and Kenta are the two men that have mastered the Go To Sleep finishing move to the most effectiveness. All around the world at the point, the Go To Sleep has lived by its name of putting people to sleep. One of the quickest moves to set up with a lethal impact, it is arguable to put the G.T.S on the list of the top finishing moves of all time. However, if two or more people use the same move or play the same position on a team, there’s always talk about who does it best.

That conversation becomes even more heated when it is just two people. And even more interesting whenever one of those people already calls himself the “Best in the World.” A statement that it is almost sure that Kenta wouldn’t agree with. Despite being in this business for over forty years combined, Punk and Kenta’s paths have never crossed. Kenta showed up a minute too late for Punk in the WWE and Kenta’s appearance in AEW may have been just to soon.

With the forbidden door in pro-wrestling being knocked down by multiple promotions, more dream matches will hopefully become a possibility.

Now, it is in the hands of AEW or NJPW to get something done about this match. The story has basically already written itself for either company. Kenta has been stopped from using the move in the past in his early days of NXT. He finally was able to use the move later in his run but it still brought up the name of CM Punk. Both men have been haunted by each others names for the majority of their careers.

Kenta has already voiced his desire to have this dream match against CM Punk. While both of these veterans are still wrestling, it is now or never to pull this match off. We hope that both men are around for years to come but one has already retired once before and you never know when it can happen. While the opportunity is still in the air, here’s to hoping that this will be another dream match that we are lucky to witness.

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