AEW Rampage: Jay White makes his in-ring debut

TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 04: Jay White poses during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Sakura Genesis' at Ryogoku Kokugikan on April 04, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 04: Jay White poses during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Sakura Genesis' at Ryogoku Kokugikan on April 04, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

AEW Rampage: Slam Dunk was at a special start time at 7 PM ET due to the NBA All-Star Weekend, hence the basketball themed title of this week’s show.

After surprising Trent Beretta with a Blade Runner on last week’s show, Jay White will make his AEW debut against Beretta.

The Face of the Revolution Ladder match qualifiers continue with Dante Martin facing Powerhouse Hobbs. Team Taz has had it out for Martin ever since he turned on them and didn’t actually join them.

On Dynamite, we saw Dark Order’s 10 attack security guards after Adam Cole had reDRagon jump Hangman Page from behind. 10 will have a chance to get his hands on Cole tonight.

Serena Deeb’s 5 Minute Rookie Challenge continues.

Adam Cole vs. Dark Order’s 10

10 started on the attack immediately.

10 hit Cole with a German Suplex. Cole slammed 10’s knee into the ring post. Cole hit him with right elbows and followed with a neck breaker. 10 put Cole in a delayed vertical suplex and went for the pin. Cole tossed 10 to the outside and drug him to the steps and slammed 10’s knee into it. 10 was wearing a brace on that knee. On the inside of the ring, Cole had 10 in the corner, but 10 hit a back elbow.

During picture-in-picture, Cole continued to work 10’s knee. 10 punched Cole in the gut, but Cole knocked him down and had him in a leg lock before dropping an elbow on his leg.

They exchanged blows and 10 nailed Cole with a Spinebuster. Cole responded with a backstabber. Cole went to the top rope for the Panama Sunrise, but 10 backdropped him and hit him with a discus lariat. 10 tossed Cole across the ring and Cole hit him with a knee strike in the side of the head. 10 put Cole in the Full Nelson, but Cole escaped.

He went for it again and Cole used the ropes to get out. 10 had him in yet another Full Nelson, but Cole got him in the corner and low blowed him. Cole hit a Superkick followed by The Boom to pick up another win.

reDRagon came out to celebrate with Cole.

Cole wins via pinfall

Dante Martin w/Matt Sydal vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Ricky Starks was on commentary with Taz, so the commentary wasn’t exactly unbiased. Starks said he should “pull a Jericho and kick this guy’s (expletive)”. Before the bell even rang, Hobbs immediately slammed Martin into the corner.

After the bell, Martin jumped from the top rope, but was caught. Martin went for a rear choke, but was thrown off. Martin kicked Hobbs to the outside and went to the top rope, but jumped down because Hobbs was coming. Hobbs knocked Martin to the outside and kept attacking him. Hobbs tossed Martin into the ring. Martin punched Hobbs in the gut and Hobbs tossed Martin several times for his trouble.

In picture-in-picture, Hobbs continued his assault of Martin. Martin once again ended up on the outside. He drug his body into the ring, but was immediately put back in the corner. Hobbs punished Martin with an elbow drop, forearms, and kicks. Martin did get a few punches in, but Hobbs sent him back to the mat.

After the break, Hobbs was still firmly in control. Hobbs kicked his way out of the corner and got in some uppercuts, but was flattened to the ground. Hobbs kept his knee on Martin’s sternum. Martin rolled out of the way of a knee and landed a couple of clotheslines. Martin with a flying uppercut. Hobbs rolled out and Martin hit him with a tornado spin. Martin struggled to get Hobbs into the ring. Martin hit a dropkick from the top rope and nearly pinned him. Hobbs pinned Martin with a spine buster.

Powerhouse Hobbs wins via pinfall

Matt Hardy volunteered The Bunny to be Jade Cargill’s next opponent.

Serena Deeb vs. Angelica Risk

Deeb continued her 5 Minute Rookie Challenge with Angelica Risk, who has appeared on Elevation and Dark a few times. Deeb started off with a hammerlock before putting Risk down on the mat. Risk tried to capitalize on Deeb ignoring her, but Deeb easily got out and sent Risk to the corner. Deeb grounded her boot into Risk’s face.

She started to pin Risk, but picked her up by the hair and continued to taunt and kick Risk. She hit Risk with an uppercut and followed with a powerbomb. Deeb put Risk in the Serenity Lock for the win. The match lasted 2:04.

Deeb wins via submission

Trent Beretta w/Orange Cassidy vs. Jay White

White got out of the ring as soon as Beretta got in. He made a security guard hold his jacket. After the bell rang, White ducked under the rope. White and Beretta locked up and then wound up in the corner. White punched Beretta and knocked him to the mat. Beretta got up and hit him with an elbow. White took a headlock and Beretta hit him with a back elbow. Beretta hit uppercuts in the three corners of the ring. Beretta hit White with a back body drop.

White guillotined Beretta over the top rope. He repeatedly drove his spine into the apron and the barricade. Beretta threw White into the barricade. White returned the favor and then got clotheslined. Beretta got “King Switch” in the ring, but White held onto the bottom rope. White suplexed Beretta out of the ring.

During picture-in-picture, the two spent a minute recovering before White taunted Beretta. Beretta got in the ring and White tossed him back out before tossing him on the apron. He took time to “Too Sweet” the security guard holding his jacket. Back in the ring, White continued dominating his opponent.

After the break, White controlled Beretta’s wrist and kicked him in the gut. The two exchanged wrist control. White was on the outside and Beretta went for a moonsault. He took as much as White did. Once back in the ring, Beretta hit White with a big back elbow in the corner and White hit a flatliner and a deadlift German Suplex.

Beretta with a Tornado DDT. Beretta drove White down to the mat with elbows. He dropkicked the “Switchblade” out of the ring. Beretta went for a spear, but White hit him with a knee in the face. He then threw Beretta into the ring. White hit Beretta with a Uranagi once they were back in the ring. Beretta got up and hit a backdrop.

Beretta reversed out of Blade Runner with a Half and Half. White punched Beretta in the gut. They exchanged elbow strikes and could barely stand. White dropped Beretta with a palm strike to the gut. Beretta knocked White down with a lariat. White countered into a Blade Runner for his first AEW win.

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While Orange Cassidy was checking on Beretta, White hit him with an “accidental” hip check. Cassidy took his sunglasses off and stared down the “Knife Pervert”, who had made his way to the ramp.