WWE spotlight: A true look at “The Boss” Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has had a very interesting career in WWE up to this point. She has made history and won numerous championships over the years. She started off as a wrestler that most fans were just starting to learn about to an international treasure who has left a strong lasting impression on fans worldwide.

Sasha Banks’s rise and influence in WWE and entertainment.

When Sasha Banks first got signed by WWE to appear on the NXT brand back in 2012, there were a lot of questions about who she was at the time. Unlike Bayley and Becky Lynch who already made a mark in the independent circuit and Charlotte who appeared on WCW television in the past, there were questions that were quickly answered as time went by.

That was during a time for independent wrestling when there were certain favorites to follow, and unless a superstar was a favorite, it was hard to get to know or be introduced to new stars. That was the case for Sasha Banks as she fell under the radar.

The humble beginnings of Sasha Banks were a sight to behold on WWE NXT. Her programs with names like Summer Rae and Paige made it clear that she was no ordinary superstar. She showed how charismatic she was at the time and it led to very interesting storylines.

One of the interesting aspects was Summer Rae playing devil’s advocate trying to get Sasha to dig deep and find something to make herself stand out. Even though she stood out as a wrestler, she still was missing something when it come to her own persona.

This all came full circle after she defeated Bayley on a special night of NXT. This particular victory was the birth of Sasha Banks being known as “The Boss”, and it was a moment that truly changed everything for Sasha forever.

She would go on to compete for the NXT women’s championship but would come just short numerous times. This all changed at NXT Takeover: Rival where Sasha Banks finally won the NXT Women’s championship. When Sasha carried the NXT women’s title, it felt like she was meant to be a champion.

This was further proven as Sasha defended against a hungry contender in Becky Lynch, way before she became the Man. The match was an example of Sasha’s durability against Becky who at the time was just as relentless in the ring as she is today.

Sasha eventually would lose the title to fellow four horsewoman Bayley in a memorable match, but the story of course didn’t end with Sasha losing the title. At that point, learning about Sasha became clear that there is always more when it comes to the Boss.

That more came in the form of an ironman match at NXT Takeover: Respect as she took on Bayley in the main event. The match exceeded expectations and became a pillar in WWE NXT history forever.

The event name was called respect, which was the perfect event for Sasha to be the highlight in. This whole run has shifted from not knowing who Sasha was initially to wishing to know her before her WWE run. It also became apparent that Sasha is different than any wrestler seen in the last decade up to that point.

When Sasha moved to the main roster along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch, it became apparent that WWE was up for something different in the women’s division. It all came with bumps in the roads, but the women’s division changed with more history being made.

Everything from main eventing episodes of RAW to hell in a cell. Sasha continued to make history and the history that Sasha became involved in became the standard for women’s wrestling in WWE for the women’s division.

By this point, Sasha cemented a legacy on the WWE main roster including becoming a five-time WWE RAW women’s champion, one-time Smackdown women’s champion, and two-time WWE women’s tag team champion,

What more can Sasha accomplish? Conquering the best of both worlds with entertainment. Sasha has become a name that is not only known to wrestling fans but non-wrestling fans too. The writing is on the wall as she has already made big moves beyond wrestling.

She made her acting debut on Disney+ as Koska Reeves on The Mandalorian hit show. This combination of her making that transition and history made in WWE has made her one of the most talked-about athletes and entertainers on Twitter.

Seeing Sasha make her acting debut made it clear that it’s only the beginning for the boss as many other fans of the series learn about her for the first time. The same way most wrestling fans learned about her after her WWE debut.

With the public appearances she makes, she will surely have some movies over the horizon with her success and box office influence. She will also continue her already rich career as she continues to be the boss in WWE.

It has gotten to a point that most fans will tune in to a WWE show to watch Sasha Banks no matter what brand she’s on. Her star power has no bounds and it will continue to carry over in the entertainment world with her being one of the best crossovers in history.

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Sasha Banks went from being a stranger with unlimited potential to a familiar superstar where the sky is truly the limit for her as a wrestler and entertainer. Fans won’t have to wait long to see what the boss does next in WWE and entertainment.