AEW Dynamite: Bryan Danielson defeats Daniel Garcia in main event

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All Elite Wrestling is all the rave every Wednesday and Friday. That was the same case heading into this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite. With news that Jonathan Gresham was backstage and Shane “Swerve” Strickland is signing with the company, fans tuned in for what was to be another exciting night of wrestling action.

The night kicked off with the tag team battle royale to see which would be the first team to face off against Jurassic Express in a triple threat match at AEW Revolution. Ten teams started the match with the only want to win to throw opponents over the top rope.

The action was as fast-paced as expected with multiple teams being eliminated quickly. The last few teams ended up with FTR, reDRagon, Best Friends, the Young Bucks, John Silver, and Santana.

The action continued through the commercial break. Individual team members started dropping off as every man was in there alone. Santana and Trent battered each other with neither man getting a true advantage. They ended up on the apron where Matt Jackson and Kyle O’Reilly worked together to eliminate them. Jackson, Hardwood, O’Reilly, and Silver were the last four members.

Bobby Fish was eliminated but cut Hardwood’s legs out from under him to cause his elimination. Silver was tossed out next, leaving O’Reilly and Jackson left to battle things out. Or it seemed that way because the second Jackson tossed out Silver, O’Reilly threw him out right after to win.

reDRagon win the 10-team battle royale to advance to AEW Revolution.

The action didn’t end there as “Hangman” Adam Page came down the ring to brawl with reDRagon and eventually Adam Cole.

MJF was out next to address his current situation with CM Punk. Last week, Punk berated MJF and even pulled out a picture of a young MJF to mock him. MJF went through his struggles as a child and his dedication to pro wrestling to be just like CM Punk. Punk came out but MJF’s emotions were running high and he walked out the ring with tears in his eyes.

Tag team action was up next with Kings of the Black Throne taking on Penta Oscuro and PAC.

The match was violent from the very start, with Penta flying off the top onto both men outside the ring. PAC went for a 450 Splash on Malakai Black for a two count. PAC tried to keep Black isolated, but he made the tag to Brody King who immediately flattened him with a clothesline.  Black tagged back in to continue the attack on PAC.

Back from commercial and King was in firm control of the match. He used Penta as a weapon against PAC, before diving onto the two men outside the ring. Black nearly secured the victory with a bridging suplex but Penta made the save.

PAC caused Black to lay out King, but that gave Penta the opportunity to land a big splash from the top rope. PAC and King were left in the ring where PAC hit his own German Suplex. Black tried to go for the mist, but Penta covered his mouth and immediately rolled him up for the victory.

Penta Oscura and PAC defeated The Kings of the Black Throne via pinfall.

After the match, Black and King were on the attack but the lights went out. When they came back up, Buddy Matthews was standing in the middle of the ring. But he turned and attacked PAC and Penta, joining the House of Black.

Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho were face to face to talk through their issues with each other. Jericho made it a point to let Kingston know that his career surpassed his, even putting the idea out there that Kingston is jealous of him. Kingston wasn’t there for it, but instead he challenged a Jericho to a match at AEW Revolution.

Ricky Starks was out to face the Dark Order’s 10 for a spot in the AEW Revolution Ladder Match.

Vance brought out the power game immediately, bouncing Starks around with ease. Starks picked up the pace to stay ahead of the bigger man, but it did not last long. He lifted him up high for a delayed vertical suplex, planting him onto the mat. Starks would take over heading into the commercial break.

Vance finally got the momentum back in his favor, landing a shoulder block that knocked Starks from the ring. He caught Starks and went for the full nelson, but Starks was able to fight out of it, only to rebound into a big clothesline. He locked it back on and Starks went after the mask to force Vance to break the hold. He quickly hit the spear to pick up the victory.

Ricky Starks wins via pinfall to advance to the AEW Revolution ladder match.

Jade Cargill was up next to defend her TBS Women’s Championship against The Bunny.

The Bunny angered Cargill early in the match only to get a boot to the chest for her troubles. Cargill tossed The Bunny to the ground with one hand, before working over her arm. She was able to get some of her own offense off, knocking Cargill to the floor before hitting a Russian Leg Sweep into the guardrail.

Back in the ring, Cargill was in complete control, tossing The Bunny to the mat with a fallaway slam. The Bunny was able to get some momentum back coming out of the commercial break when she found a way to ground the bigger woman. The Bunny went to the eyes and landed a big knee, but she made the mistake of jumping again and ended up being caught with a spine buster.

Matt Hardy threw the brass knuckles into the ring and Marc Sterling threw in the title belt. Both men were tossed from ringside. The Bunny almost hit the Rabbit Hole, but Cargill countered and hit Jaded to retain the championship.

Jade Cargill defeated The Bunny via pinfall.

After the victory Tay Conti came down to the ring to challenge Cargill, but was kicked in her chest for the effort.

The main event was next with Daniel Garcia taking on Bryan Danielson in a singles match.

Danielson landed the first shots but Garcia answered right back with a chop of his own. Danielson hit a quick ankle pick and locked up Garcia’s legs, using the opening to drop some shots. Danielson went for the armbar but Garcia was able to fight through and finally get to the ropes. Danielson let go, just to kick Garcia in the face.

Danielson tried to run the ropes, but Garcia hit him with a low chop block. Garcia was then in control, typing Danielson up to focus on his legs. Danielson backed Garcia into the corner and laid into him with kicks to the chest. Before Danielson could get his momentum going, Garcia pulled him outside the ring and wrapped his leg around the steel post.

Back from commercial and Garcia was still in control, focusing on the legs. Danielson was able to answer back, hitting a running knee off the apron. Danielson used that opportunity to hit a shotgun dropkick from the top rope.

Danielson then went to his own submission game. Garcia tried to do the same and both men stomped away on each other. Danielson hit a double-under suplex and rolled into cattle mutilation.  Garcia rolled through and went for an ankle lock. Danielson fought out of the position and locked fingers with Garcia.

Garcia went for another dragon screw but Danielson countered into the stomps. He locked in a triangle and Garcia went out cold to give Danielson the victory.

Bryan Danielson defeated Daniel Garcia via referee stoppage.

After the match, 2point0 ran out to the ring to attack Garcia. Jon Moxley made the save to help Danielson. Danielson and Moxley agreed to a singles match at AEW Revolution.