Cesaro exits the WWE after contract expiration, first reported by PWI


Cesaro exits the WWE after contract expiration.

PWI reported on Thursday that Cesaro has left the WWE. Mike Johnson reported that he has “quietly exited WWE after his current contract expired.” News of the departure has not been announced by the WWE.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful confirmed the news of Cesaro’s exit. The two sides were negotiating a new contract, but could not come to a deal. Since his contract has expired he would not have a non-compete clause so he’s free to work anywhere else immediately.

Cesaro was last seen on television back in February when he was defeated by Happy Corbin in less than four minutes. For the last few months, he’s been frequently on the losing side revolving angle with Sheamus and Ridge Holland, while also teaming with Ricochet.

Cesaro is another name on the lengthy list of WWE talents that viewers wanted to see better utilized. Outside of holding the United States title for 239 days back in 2012-2013, he was mostly featured as a tag team competitor. He picked up the WWE Tag Team championship with Sheamus, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Tyson Kidd.

Still, fans wanted to see a singles push that would elevate him into the main roster. He did pick up wins over Seth Rollins leading into WrestleMania 37, and earned a title shot against Roman Reigns but none of those moments turned into the run that was desired.

Cesaro would boost the roster of any promotion

Before his time in WWE, Cesaro was a multiple-time champion in well known promotions such as CHIKARA, CZW, and Ring of Honor.

Cesaro is the type of talent that would excel in any promotion. Of course, the “go to AEW” movement will be loud and clear, but he could also show up in companies like IMPACT Wrestling or New Japan where he would be an immediate top player. He would be especially valuable in NJPW as that company continues to try to establish itself in the North American marketplace.

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