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The “Queen of the Silver Screen” Katie Arquette made her debut in professional wrestling on February 25th, 2017. She challenged Britt Baker for the IWC Women’s Championship this night and came up just short. Although coming up just short, this night started an incredible journey for Arquette.

The Beginning of “The Queen of The Silver Screen”

When she was little, Katie Arquette used to sneak into her older sister’s room to watch wrestling. This was around the time of arguably the hottest period in WWE history: the Attitude Era. “Eventually, I fell out of wrestling,” says Katie. “Once I got to college, I made a group of friends who still watched it, and I was brought back into it.”

Through a couple of different connections, Arquette received a tryout with the IWC. This was the beginning of a long, but fun journey for her. Growing up, Arquette was very inspired by Kane. “He is my absolute favorite wrestler,” says Arquette. “It was love at first sight on my end.”

Arquette was also a massive Lita fan as well. “I watched her with the Hardyz and Trish,” says Arquette. “Her moves and her attitude made me really like her.” Seeing another woman, Lita, made Arquette realize that this was something she could really do.

Katie Arquette Begins Training

When she was little, Arquette played a whole bunch of sports, but she always wanted to do something fighting-related or “more physical.” “After the first month or two of training, I just loved it,” says Arquette. On her first day of training, Arquette was very nervous.

“I didn’t know what I was getting myself into or know anything about the class,” says Arquette. “The longer you’re in this business, the more you realize it really is smoke and mirrors.” Ahead of training, Arquette was expecting a big established building. “I walked in and it was a storage unit with like seven other people.”

When Arquette first started, she lacked support from people at first. “After that first match everyone got on board,” says Arquette. The more friends that Arquette began making, the bigger her support system grew. “It was nice to be able to get the support I needed to follow through with it, it all worked out in the long run.”

“That was part of the journey and I’m happy I got to be a part of that.” Arquette trained for about a year before having her first match. After her first match, Arquette knew that was what she wanted to do. “I studied theatre at school and always wanted to be an actress,” says Arquette. “This was my favorite stage I have ever performed on.”

Katie Arquette Explodes On The Independent Wrestling Scene

Arquette made her professional wrestling debut at IWC in Rural Valley, PA at IWC Proving Ground 6. This was where she wrestled Britt Baker in her debut match for the IWC Women’s Championship. “This was very intimidating, to say the least,” says Arquette.

“Baker was only about a year and a half in so the hype wasn’t all there yet,” says Arquette. “But, I knew how talented she was and still is.” Ahead of her first match, Arquette was extremely nervous. It ended up not being too bad. “When I watch it back I cringe but it was a lot of fun,” says Arquette. “A lot of things clicked for me that match being in the ring.”

Arquette is grateful she got to work with someone like Baker for her debut match. “She was always super supportive and an open-minded person, so I was in good hands, to say the least,” says Arquette. However, in November of 2018, the tables would turn. Arquette challenged Baker again for the IWC Women’s Championship.

This time, Arquette won. “It was pretty amazing,” says Arquette. “Being able to win the title at IWC, the place I trained at, and win the championship against the woman I wrestled my first match against, was just incredible.” David Arquette also made an appearance that night.

“Having David Arquette come out as well and give me the fur coat that I still wear to the ring today was pretty surreal,” says Arquette. Katie says that David is an “absolute sweetheart.” “He knows his place in the wrestling business and he wants it all to go well,” says Arquette. “We are a family.”

However, this wasn’t her last time tasting championship gold. Arquette also wrestled at PCW in Cleveland, OH. On December 8th, 2019, at PCW Holiday Havoc, Arquette would go on to win the PCW Women’s Championship against Zoey Skye.

“It was a lot of fun,” says Arquette. “I knew the promoter very well and he’s awesome. I’m happy to say that I was one of the many great wrestlers who have gotten to hold the PCW Women’s Championship.” Arquette also got the opportunity to wrestle at Wrestler’s Lab.

“It’s a really great promotion,” says Arquette. “It’s run by two guys who want to push all the great and talented people in this business. They challenged me and gave me a lot of good spots there.” Arquette hopes to work with Wrestler’s Lab again one day soon.

Working with Madison Rayne and Lufisto

Arquette first got to work with Lufisto on August 19th, 2017 at IWC Caged Fury. The two women met in a cage match for the IWC Women’s Championship. Arquette came up just short in that match. “She definitely challenged me and pushed me,” says Arquette. “I’m hoping for a rematch with her.”

Arquette first met Madison Rayne in the ring on February 16th, 2019. She lost the IWC Women’s Championship that night to Rayne. “I learned a lot working with Madison,” says Arquette. “She was great and she pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.” In March of 2019, Arquette would reclaim the IWC Women’s Championship over Rayne again.

Katie Arquette Makes Her AEW Debut

“Working for [AEW] is always a good time,” says Arquette. “Being around everyone is a great experience, it doesn’t make me feel small or unwelcomed. Everyone knows the level that they’re on, but they always help and give feedback. Getting to do 60 seconds on live television was awesome as well.”

Arquette made her debut for AEW on August 11th, 2021, against Jade Cargill. More recently, Arquette got to wrestle on AEW against Serena Deeb in the “Professor’s Five Minute Rookie Challenge” on February 9th, 2022.

Arquette says that she had a bunch of people reach out to her and say Deeb was their dream match. “Getting to work with her put me in a position that made me want to wrestle her even more,” says Arquette. “She’s been here for a long time and knows her craft so well.”

Arquette says that wrestling Deeb put her in a spot that challenged her and made her leave her comfort zone. “I was very grateful for those 60 seconds.” One of the coaches for their match was Jerry Lynn. Deeb was also a coach there as well.

When Arquette got to the back following her match with Deeb, they both told her how great it was and how she did exactly what was asked of her. “That’s all I can really hope for,” says Arquette. “At the end of the day, hopefully, that can show them enough trust and make them want to bring me back and make me a part of their locker room.”

Women’s Wrestling

“Women’s wrestling has evolved and grown so much,” says Arquette. “A lot of good changes are happening at a higher level,” Arquette says she’s thankful to see everything that Stephanie McMahon has done to “push the limits.”

Also, Arquette is happy to see all AEW has accomplished with respect to women’s wrestling. “They’re bringing in a lot of girls who had a lot of eyes on them and they’re being put in positions to give them a better opportunity for themselves.”

What’s Next For The Queen of The Silver Screen?

There are a lot of people Arquette would love to step in the ring with. However, she really wants to get the chance to wrestle “Chelsea Green, Penelope Ford, and Lita.” Lita is a dream match of hers after seeing her match at Elimination Chamber.

“There’s a lot of positive things to come for me this year and I’m still training and working towards getting to the next level,” says Arquette. “I want to wrestle on television and be able to inspire people the way I’ve been inspired by my idols.

“So, wherever that takes me, I’m willing to walk through any door that comes my way,” says Arquette. “I’m blessed for everything I’ve had the past five years and hopefully in the next five years, more good things will come. I’m excited about the future of the ‘Queen of the Silver Screen’.”

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