IMPACT Wrestling results: Jay White answers to G.O.D.

FUKUOKA, JAPAN - MAY 03: Jay White celebrates the win during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Wrestling Dontaku' at the Fukuoka Convention Center on May 03, 2021 in Fukuoka, Japan. (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)
FUKUOKA, JAPAN - MAY 03: Jay White celebrates the win during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'Wrestling Dontaku' at the Fukuoka Convention Center on May 03, 2021 in Fukuoka, Japan. (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images) /

Hello! IMPACT! Wrestling is here and we are on the road to Sacrifice.

Impact! Recap: Eddie Edwards complains that Impact! let him down when Kenny Omega took their title.

Violence By Design now has Tama and Tonga on their team as Jay White turned on VBD to join Bullet Club

Opening Match of IMPACT!:

Eddie Edwards vs. Steve Maclin

Honor No More’s, Eddie Edwards, comes out to boos. Steve Maclin comes out swinging. Both men engage in fisticuffs. Maclin hits a running knee. Maclin hits a top rope dive on Eddie to a big pop. Only a 2 count. Eddie hits a Thunder Mountain on Maclin for two. Eddie asks a heckling fan if he wants to fight Maclin and then hits a running lariat on Steve. Eddie hits a volley of chops and Maclin hits his own. Eddie and Maclin hit a mid-air collision and knock each other out. More fists are exchanged. Maclin hits a one-armed back breaker and a lariat. Maclin hits an Olympic slam. Maclin goes to the top, but Edwards catches him with a boot. The crowd is cheering for Eddie. Steve catches Eddie in a tree of woe and spears him. Maclin slams him on the apron and hits a big elbow. Eddie has the kendo stick and smacks Maclin for the DQ. Eddie hits Maclin several times. Team Impact runs out to fight Edwards, but he escapes.

Winner: Steve Maclin by DQ

Review: 2.25/5 *. The crowd did not think Eddie was a heel for most of it.

Honor No More comes out. Maria Kanellis grabs the mic and says that Team Impact was brainwashed for believing in honor. Heath calls Maria delusional. Vincent says he has worked with delusional and Heath has no chance winning the title at Sacrifice. Heath challenges Vincent to a match. Vincent and HNM follow Heath to the ring.

Heath vs. Vincent

The crowd chants both names. Heath shoulder checks Vincent. Vincent tackles Heath onto the mat. Heath gives Vincent a ten punch and head slams into the turnbuckle. Vincent hits a running clothesline and attacks Heath in the corner. Vincent hits a spinning neck breaker for two. Heath hits a big inverted atomic drop. Heath goes for a running move and Matt Taven grabs his foot. Vincent knocks Heath down. Vincent reverses a back breaker and turns it into a Russian leg sweep. Vincent hits a suplex and a fast flatliner. Vincent goes for a leaping guillotine submission from the turnbuckle. Heath turns it into a vertical suplex. Heath hits a volley of kicks and clotheslines, but misses a corner splash. Vincent hits a Red Rum off the turnbuckle. Heath kicks out. Vincent goes for another Russian leg sweep, but Heath turns it into a Wake Up Call for the three count.

Winner: Heath via finisher

Review: 3/5 *- This match was way more interesting than Eddie’s match.

Team Impact and Honor No More start battling in the middle of the ring. Moose comes in to blindside Heath, but Heath moves and Moose nails Matt Taven. Heath hits his Wake Up Call on Moose and covers him. Rich Swann gives the three count.

Flashback moment: Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Masha Slamovitch vs. Raychell Rose

Hmmm? Raychell Rose did not get an intro and Slamovitch did. I smell a squash match. Slamovitch forces Raychell into a corner and slaps her around. Slamovitch knees Raychell in the head. Slamovitch deadlifts Raychell and slams her. She picks her up again and gives her the Snow Plow.

Winner: Masha Slamovitch

Review: 1.5/5 * It served its purpose to make Slamovitch look like Goldberg or Sid Vicious.

Backstage: Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa are backstage. They brag about their IWGP achievements. Tonga says he introduced Jay to the business. He threatens Jay. VBD comes out and strikes a negotiation. VBD wants The good Brothers and Guerillas of Destiny want Jay White.

Mike Bailey is doing yoga. Ace Austin tells him he wants a tag partnership. Mike Bailey says it is a good idea.

Madison Rayne w/ Kaleb and Tenille vs. Cassie Lee w/ Jessica McKay

Tenille duct tapes an X on the floor and tells Kaleb he cannot move. Madison shoulder tackles Cassie twice. Casidy takes down Madison to the ground, but Madison escapes. Cassie throws Madison into the ring who counters with a jawbreaker. Madison distracts the referee so Tenille can attack Cassie. Madison hits a northern lights suplex. Cassie hits a volley of lariats and axe kicks. Cassie punishes Madison with corner kicks and a running face kick. Tenille spears Cassie into the ring from the outside. Jessica tries to help her partner but she falls into the arms of Kaleb. Tenille and Madison think he is trying to romance Jessica, leaving them distracted. Cassie hits a big head kick and an Inspiral for the three count.

Winner: Cassie Lee

Rating: 2.5/5 *- Madison did a stellar job defending herself in the ring. The ending bit was cute.

Tenille and Madison blame Kaleb for ruining the match.

Jake Something has a promo about how much potential he has. His time is now! He is going to fight Trey Miguel at Sacrifice.

Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans vs. Chelsea Green

Mickie James comes out. The winner of this match will face her for the women’s championship. Chelsea is wearing the back half of a wedding dress. Tasha hits a combo of uppercuts and snapmares. Chelsea lands a running knee and a spinning kick. Tasha nails a codebreaker. Chelsea hits a sunset flip pin from the turnbuckle. Steelz nails Chelsea with a back elbow. Tasha is on fire. Tasha hits more punches and forearms. Chelsea fights back.  Tasha slips over Chelsea’s back, ducks a big boot, and hits an uppercut. Both women knock each other out with clotheslines. The ref counts to seven. Chelsea hits a volley of lariats. Chelsea hits a backstabber. Chelsea kicks Tasha’s face into the turnbuckle, but only gets a two. Chelsea tries for the I’m Prettier, but Tasha punches out. Chelsea hits a bear hug suplex. Tasha kicks out. Tasha goes for the Black Out, but then turns it into the spinning bulldog (Mickie James’ move). Green kicks out. Tasha throws Chelsea out of the ring. Evans knocks out Chelsea with a big boot on the outside. Mickie can’t help her because Chelsea made her promise not to interfere. Steelz hits a frog splash and gets the three count.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

Review: 3.5/5 *- This match could have been a good main event on IMPACT! Tasha was the cheating heel, but she still brought a great match.

Matt Cardona is being asked for a pass to be backstage. He shows a video to a staffer of him wrestling. He gets angry at a staffer for not paying attention to him. He says he can go anywhere to get respect.

Johnny Swinger vs. Jonah

Another squash match I presume. Swinger rakes Johnny’s eyes and goes for a Russian leg sweep. Jonah slams him down and lands on him from the turnbuckle with a Tsunami. The end.

Winner: Jonah

Jonah is about to smash Johnny again, but PCO comes out. Jonah headbutts PCO and knocks him out. Jonah hits a Tsunami on PCO. PCO gets up like Undertaker and knocks Jonah out of the ring. PCO baits Jonah to get back into the ring, but he leaves.

Review: 2.5/5 *- This was a squash match disguised as a confrontation. PCO and Jonah are doing the classic Somoa Joe versus Kurt Angle bit. I like it.

Bullet club is shown getting ready for their main event.

Deonna Purazzo talks about her challenge at Sacrifice. Giselle Shaw comes out to challenge Deonna. Lady Frost also comes out to challenge Giselle Shaw at Sacrifice.

Bullet Club: Jay White, Chris Bey, The Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design: Chris Deaner, Joe Doerring. G.O.D.: Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa

Tonga and Loa run to the ring and a huge fist fight starts. VBD and Guerillas clear the ring. The Good Brothers knock out Tama and Tonga before they can attack Jay White.  Security runs out and starts breaking up both teams.

Scott D’amore comes out and breaks it up. He changes the match type to No DQ. Security leaves the ring.

How the heck am I going to write what’s happening? Fights are spilling out of the ring. The Good Brothers are targeting G.O.D. Jay White faces off against Doerring. Doerring shoulder checks him out of the ring. Jay hits him with a trash can lid. Deaner sets a trash can in the corner.

Chris Bey and Deaner square off. Chris Bey puts the trash can on Deaner’s head and stomps him. Bey jumps over the ropes to splash Joe, but Joe catches him and slams him on the apron. Karl Anderson tries the stun gun on a chair at the entrance. Jay White wraps a chain around Doerring’s neck. Doerring flips him around on a trash can. Deaner misses a diving head butt on Jay. Doerring hits a lariat before Jay can hit the Blade Runner on Deaner. Gallows big boots Doerring in the head.

Tama spears Chris Bey. Guerillas go for Jay White, but The Good Brothers take them outside of the ring. Jay is celebrating when he backs into Joe Doerring. Joe slams him and Deaner hits the diving headbutt. Chris Bey breaks up the pin. The Good Brothers and Guerillas are fighting backstage. Joe hits a crossbody to Chris. Joe Doerring pulls out a door from underneath the ring. Chris Bey tries to spear Joe into it, but misses. Joe goes for a shoulder tackle and misses Bey slamming into the door (which doesn’t break). Deaner hits Chris with a chair. Jay White hits Deaner with a suplex. Jay hits the Blade Runner on a chair and gets the three count.

Winner: The Bullet Club via Jay White’s finisher.

Review: 3.5/5 *- The chaos added to the drama and made a great segway to Sacrifice. 

Backstage Guerilla and Good Brothers are still fighting each other as we fade out.

Review: Impact! Wrestling has been hitting some exciting events and shows. This one was fast and frenetic, but also made the right wrestlers look good in the ring. I have to give kudos to Impact! They have done a great job with a smaller budget.