AEW has a ready-made champion waiting in the wings with PAC

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AEW has built itself a solid roster with many names that people want to see in top positions. While the company is only on its fourth champion, there are a few individuals that could be seen as the next top guy. Once such individual is PAC, and even though his momentum was slowed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a matter of time before he’s carrying the company’s top prize.

If this were a piece about regular stick-and-ball sports, PAC is what fans and experts would call a “five-tool player.” There’s very little, if anything, he cannot do in the ring. PAC’s catalog includes some of the best matches seen since AEW’s inception, and other great matches across well-known promotions in the industry. Plus, he’s developed his character so well that you’d almost believe he’s a deranged “bastard.”

Unfortunately, PAC was stuck overseas when the global pandemic first started, keeping him off television for an extended period. As AEW, and several names on the roster, started to pick up momentum, PAC being on the sideline potentially hurt his position in the company.

Since his return, PAC has been kept mostly in the tag and trios’ picture, currently feuding with the House of Black. During that time, he’s seen his share of pushes, once challenging for the tag team titles and the AEW World Title in a triple threat at Double or Nothing, but neither of those opportunities felt like a clear “PAC has arrived” moment.

The landscape of AEW has changed a lot in the last year as well. The addition of individuals like Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, and Keith Lee creates some intriguing match possibilities, but also creates a potential shuffle among those who could be seen as next in line for a run at the top of the card. Then there are names like Ricky Starks and Wardlow who’ve been there for a while with a budding fan push at the same time. AEW’s roster is blooming with a lot of performers that could be booked as top champions, and AEW has yet to fail in presenting its stars as such. This makes it a bit harder to see PAC getting that push sooner rather than later.

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PAC is a ready-made champion; the question is when or if AEW will take the chance to utilize him in such a way. While his name may not be at the top of fans’ mouths pushing for a run at the title, he has everything it takes to be the central focus of the division. If and when it happens, PAC has all the abilities to deliver.