AEW Spotlight: The supreme evolution and reign of Jade Cargill

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The first time ever writing about Jade Cargill, she was already setting the tone for her AEW career. All of us knew Jade Cargill is a money athlete from the very beginning and will make history. She set the tone early on using power and pure athleticism to catch fans’ attention.

Needless to say, the expectations for Jade were high, but as time went by she exceeded all expectations. All of us understood that Jade is special, but the magnitude of her evolving even surprised us.

Jade Cargill’s evolving domination in AEW.

Jade continued to rack up wins and was focused on being undefeated and she did it with ease. As predicted in the previous article, she was heavily focused on winning for her brand rather than titles at that time. All of that soon changed when AEW unveiled the TBS championship.

Jade had an advantage because of her undefeated streak which earned her a favorable spot in the bracket. The superstars who received the top spots automatically became the favorites to win it all and Jade was a heavy favorite.

The money athlete added to her undefeated streak while advancing in each round with victories over her old rival Red Velvet and the sensational Thunder Rosa. The two distinct victories showed her dominance and that even though she had a favorable standing on the bracket, there were still tests.

When Jade went against Rosa, the odds drastically changed since Rosa is known for going against wrestlers of any style. At the time, Jade emphasized power and dominance in her game, while Rosa had a slight speed advantage. Jade advanced after coming out victorious over Thunder Rosa.

This brought her to the tournament’s final round as she went against Ruby Soho to start off 2022. Ruby had to go through the full three rounds and she gradually became a fan favorite to possibly win it over Jade. The odds were still heavily in Jade’s favor for obvious reasons.

As that match happened, the obvious reasons why Jade was the favorite became not so obvious. Jade started pulling some moves out of the arsenal. She stayed true to her power, but it was clear Jade was still in the middle of evolving as she gained the victory over Ruby Soho to become the inaugural TBS champion.

Jade added some technical to her game on top of some old-school aerial offense. It really came full circle and it became obvious that her drive was not just to be a charismatic, athletic, and powerful wrestler, but she wants it all.

As Jade started her reign as TBS champion, the amount of technical wrestling added to her game began to grow. Every title defense there has been something added to her game with a few notable defenses that really showed her growth as a wrestler.

One match was against the crowd’s favorite A.Q.A. in the ring. Jade adjusted her style with smothering technical offense to keep the aerial superstar grounded. It was far from an easy title defense, but Jade came out victorious

Another notable match was when she went against The Bunny in a unique match. Bunny is a highly underrated psychological ring worker who has the capability of exploiting a weakness in someone’s game to pick up a potential victory.

Jade actually added more technical wrestling to her game to throw Bunny off-balance with even more calculating holds than before. Not only that, Jade showed confidence as she executed the moves in a charismatic fashion.

She also had a match against Tay Conti at AEW Revolution, which kicked off her Sophomore year after she celebrated one whole year of her official in-ring debut. This test was the whole package since Tay is known for her fast-paced strikes and decisive chain wrestling.

Jade had to bring it all together and then some because, during that match, it seemed like Tay had a lot of momentum as she even hit finishers on Jade. Moves that would otherwise guarantee Tay a victory.

That was the final element and the perfect way to ring in her Sophomore year. she rarely had finisher moves executed on her and Tay did it in record time. Of course, it led to victory for Jade Cargill as a successful title defense. Now it’s all about the future of Jade’s title reign and future challenges.

Jade Cargil’s bright future and reign in AEW.

As mentioned earlier, Jade was always bound for greatness, and just three months into her career, that became obvious. Needless to say, none of us were prepared for what Jade was going to bring after the original article was written about her.

She has taken major steps to become a well-rounded wrestler with a little bit of everything in her arsenal. That spells trouble for whoever steps up to the plate to her next for her TBS championship.

Also predicted in the previous article, she has laid the groundwork for the rest of her career, and now for the rest of her Sophomore year as a wrestler, she will show everyone that she is truly capable of anything.

It’s not about proving people wrong anymore, it’s now about building upon a legacy and solidifying herself as a well-rounded wrestler. She is not the same wrestler she was last year and by the end of the year, she will evolve to a new level not imaginable.

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Jade will continue to impress and whether people want to admit it or not, she has been impressive in a short amount of time, and as seen already she is only going to get better. Fans won’t want to miss as Jade continues to evolve as a wrestler and a champion on AEW.