Sheamus is right to say that keeping him off WrestleMania would be a “major mishap.”


WrestleMania is less than four weeks away and for some, there’s a lot to look forward to on that card. Said card is still developing, as many names aren’t announced to take part in big matches. One of those names is Sheamus, who has been one of the most consistent performers in the company. In an interview with Joey Hayden of the Dallas Morning News, the former champion made it clear that if he’s not involved, then that would be a major misstep for the biggest show of the year.

“If I’m not on WrestleMania then that’s going to be a major mishap on WWE’s side, you know what I mean?” Sheamus said during the interview. “I’ve been bringing it, having banger after banger matches during the pandemic and after.”

That is a very factual statement. As the pandemic raged, Sheamus was one of the focal points across WWE television. When the pandemic first started, Sheamus was used for multiple squash matches on WWE SmackDown before heading into a storyline with Jeff Hardy. After that, he was moved over to Monday Night Raw where glorious violence followed. His matches against the likes of Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre were some of the best and hardest-hitting on WWE. A true testament to Sheamus’s dedication to the industry because at 44-years old there was a lot of speculation that his in-ring career was over.

“So, I’m on a new lease right now,” Sheamus said. “But obviously want to go there, take on whoever it is – whether it’s New Day, whether it’s Usos, it doesn’t really matter to us – we just want to go in there and show people what we can do.”

On Friday, WrestleVotes tweeted that their sources informed them of “up to 7 more matches to be announced.” As the WWE continues to focus on part-timers and external celebrities, it’s hard to see how Sheamus would be added to the show in a substantive way. It’s unfortunate, but WWE hasn’t invested enough time and creative into many of the full-timers on their roster such as Sheamus, leaving them in a difficult position heading into WrestleMania.

Hopefully, there are plans to give Sheamus and Ridge Holland something interesting to do before the big show. For example, imagine a match between Bron Breakker and Sheamus as another step to introduce Breakker to the main roster fanbase. Other wrestlers have gone to NXT for one-off matches, Sheamus could do the same to face off against the former NXT Champion while helping him take the first steps to his main roster debut that should follow shortly after.

WrestleMania 38 doesn’t have the same level of appeal as past shows. This is a direct result of WWE booking decisions that has hindered many of its performers from feeling like stars as the PPV nears. Sheamus is right in saying that his body of work should include a near-guaranteed slot on the annual PPV and keeping him off it would be yet another mistake in booking.