AEW Dynamite: St. Patrick’s Day Slam Results, Thunder Rosa wins title

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Tonight’s AEW Dynamite is the special, St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition. The show tonight is stacked from top to bottom. It is headlined by Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. defending her AEW Women’s World Championship against Thunder Rosa in a steel cage. We will also see Scorpio Sky defend his newly won TNT Championship against Wardlow.

The show will also feature The Hardys taking on Private Party, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson going up against Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta, and “Hangman” Adam Page teaming with Jungle Boy and Luchsaurus to take on Adam Cole and reDRagon. We will also see the commencement of the newly founded, Jericho Appreciation Society.

Adam Cole and reDRagon vs Hangman Adam Page, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus

Tonight’s show opens up with Adam Cole’s entrance. Cole makes his way out to the ring accompanied by reDRagon. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus make their way out next, followed by their tag team partner, AEW World Champion, Hangman Adam Page.

The match starts off with Jungle Boy and Adam Cole. Adam Cole starts off very aggressive, kicking Jungle Boy in the gut to start the match. After he and Jungle Boy go at it for a little bit, Cole tags in Bobby Fish, and Jungle Boy makes the tag to Luchsaurus. Luchasaurus cleans house.

The numbers game got the best of Luchasaurus and Fish was able to gain the upper hand with a sneak attack to the leg. Fish tags in O’Reilly and O’Reilly stays on Luchasaurus targeting the leg. O’Reilly tags in Cole who does more of the same. We see a few more quick tags with Cole and reDRagon to keep their guy fresh.

Luchsaurus is able to take out both members of reDRagon before tagging in Hangman Adam Page. Hangman comes out and has all the momentum in the world. He takes out all three members of the opposing team.

Hangman attempts the buckshot lariat on Fish, but Fish rolls out of the ring. Hangman makes the tag to Jungle Boy and Jungle Boy throws himself over the top rope and takes out all three members again. There was a cool moment where Hangman, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus hit a triple moonsault from the same corner of the ring to take out Cole and reDRagon.

Adam Cole is able to sneak attack Jungle Boy and is able to give his team the upper hand again. The heels beat up on Jungle Boy for a little while in the match. Jungle Boy is able to make the hot tag on Luchsaurus and Luchasaurus comes in and takes all three members out.

Luchasaurus hits a standing moonsault onto both members of reDRagon. O’Reilly hits him with a kick which slows him down. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy attempted their finishing move on O’Reilly but Cole makes the save.

O’Reilly is able to tag in Adam Cole and Luchasaurus is able to tag in Hangman and the two immediately get in each other’s face and start taking each other out with punches. Everyone gets involved in this match next and Hangman, Jungle Boy, and Luchasaurus stand tall.

Jungle Boy hits a double doomsday device taking out both Cole and O’Reilly. Fish and Jungle Boy tag in and they immediately begin brawling with some fast-paced action. Cole makes the blind tag on O’Reilly and hits Jungle Boy with his finishing move out of nowhere to give his team the win.

Winners: Adam Cole and reDRagon

After the match, we see Tony Schiavone interviewing Keith Lee and Ricky Starks, and Powerhouse Hobbs. Starks says that Lee is lucky that he can’t kick his a** right now. Starks says that if Lee shows up on Rampage, he and Hobbs will take him out again. Lee walks away and laughs. We see a vignette as well of Kris Statlander taking off her alien make-up.

Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson vs Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta

Bryan Danielson makes his way out to the ring first accompanied by William Regal. Regal does commentary on the match. He is followed by Moxley who comes out next. Wheeler Yuta and Chuck Taylor make their way down to the ring accompanied by Trent, Danhausen, and Orange Cassidy.

Danielson and Moxley attack Yuta and Taylor before the match starts and they control Yuta for a majority of the match. Taylor makes the tag to come into the match but Moxley and Danielson are also able to remain in control of Taylor as well.

Taylor finally tags in Yuta and makes the hot tag. Yuta comes in on fire but quickly gets put out by Danielson and Moxley. Danielson hits his famous kicks on Yuta and tags in Moxley. Moxley then locks in Yuta with a bulldog choke and makes Yuta tap out.

Winners: Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson

After the match, William Regal comes down to the ring. Regal shakes both Danielson and Moxley’s hand. As the best friends make their way back up the ramp, Wheeler Yuta comes back down to the ring and ditches them. Yuta extends his hand out to Regal but Regal slaps him in the face.

Yuta has a staredown with Regal while Moxley and Danielson stand by his side. Yuta finally retreats after the slap. Tony Schiavone is seen interviewing FTR. Cash Wheeler says that Tully was checked out and lost focus after they lost the AEW Tag Team Champions, which is why they fired him.

Young Bucks interrupt them and tell FTR that they will always be the second best tag team in AEW, and that no amount of firing people will change that. He also wishes them a happy St. Patrick’s Day and they leave. We then see a promo by Max Caster ahead of his match with Keith Lee on AEW Rampage.

Starks interrupts them and tells The Acclaimed to kick Keith Lee’s a**. Starks gets interrupted by Swerve Strickland who says Rampage is now Swerve’s house. Jericho makes his way out to the ring with the newly founded Jericho Appreciation Society.

2point0 says that Jericho allows the audience to sing along to his theme and he should be appreciated. They say that Jericho is a better man then they are. Jericho grabs the mic and starts talking. He says that everyone is lucky to be alive during the Chris Jericho era.

Jericho says that he built AEW and with no Chris Jericho there would be no AEW. He says that fans have the greatest total package in the history of this business but nobody appreciates him. Jericho says that they aren’t like the rest of the AEW roster, because they rest of the roster are nothing but professional wrestlers.

Chris Jericho says that he is a sports entertainer, which draws boos from the crowd. Daniel Garcia says that if Jericho will stand there and call himself a sports entertainer, he is too. Jericho says that he helped Daniel Garcia after a car accident, and that Garcia appreciates him.

Jericho says that 2point0’s new names are Matt Bernard and Angelo Parker. He goes onto say they appreciate him as well. Then he gets to Jake Hager. Hager says that they are the JAS and they will beat up professional wrestlers. Jericho says that this is the day that the new era begins in AEW, the era of the sports entertainer.

We then see a hype video for Shida and Deeb, again. Wardlow makes his way out to the ring for the next match.

TNT Championship Match: Scorpio Sky (c) vs Wardlow

Scorpio Sky makes his way to the ring accompanied by Dan Lambert, Paige Van Zant and Austin Vanderford. Dan Lambert is wearing the other TNT Championship. Wardlow and Sky get face-to-face to start off the match.

The match starts with a lock up but Wardlow is able to throw Sky. Sky used some heel tactics to only piss off Wardlow. Wardlow takes the fight to Sky and Sky goes rolling to the outside of the ring. Wardlow follows him and is met by Van Zant and Vanderford. Wardlow goes for the powerbomb on her husband but Sky takes him out.

Sky remains in control of the match. Wardlow tries to fight back into the match but is quickly taken out. Wardlow is finally able to get back into things. He calls for the powerbomb symphony and is able to hit one on Sky.

Wardlow goes for the second one and connects with it. He proceeds to hit another on Sky. Danf Lambert jumps on the apron and buys Sky some time. Sky rolls out of the ring and Wardlow attempts to hit Sky with a powerbomb on the floor.

Shawn Spears makes his way out to the ring with two chairs. MJF attacks Wardlow from behind and drives Wardlow’s face into the ring post. Sky rolls up Wardlow and pins him to retain the championship.

Winner: And Still TNT Champion, Scorpio Sky

After the match, Shawn Spears, MJF, Scorpio Sky, and Vandeford attack Wardlow. Spears hits Wardlow with the chair as MJF pays off Dan Lambert. Lambert and his crew leave and Spears and MJF remain in the ring with Wardlow.

MJF sizes up Wardlow and knocks him out with his diamond ring. MJF places his foot on Wardlow’s chest to end the segment. This was very well-done. Alex Marvez is seen interviewing Jade Cargill. They hype up her next match where she attempts to go 30-0. Jade dares someone to step up.

The Hardys vs Private Party

Private Party make their entrance first, followed by The Hardys. The Hardys got a massive pop, as per the usual. Matt Hardy starts out the match with Mar Quen. Matt Hardy goes to lock up with Quen but Quen retreats and hides behind the ropes.

Hardy finally begins to start teeing off on Quen but Isaiah Kassidy gets involved. This draws Jeff Hardy into the ring and Jeff Hardy sends Kassidy out of the ring. Matt tags in Jeff to a massive ovation and they hit a double team move on both members of Private Party.

Jeff continues to take the fight to Quen. Jeff sends Quen into their corner and makes the tag into Matt. Matt continues to stay on Quen who is struggling to make the tag to Kassidy. Quen is finally able to hit Matt with a kick and tag in Kassidy. Private Party goes to work on Matt Hardy with a double team move.

Kassidy takes the fight to Matt Hardy and thanks to help from Mar Quen, they gain the upper hand. Private Party remains in control of Matt Hardy for a large part of the match. Matt is finally able to get back into it and tags in Jeff Hardy.

Jeff comes in the match hot and takes the fight to Isaiah Kassidy. Jeff goes for the Swanton bomb but Quen makes the save. Matt hits a side effect on Matt Hardy and Jeff hits a diving splash from the middle rope and Kassidy kicks out at two.

Jeff calls for the twist of fate and Kassidy counters. Matt hits a twist of fate on Kassidy and Jeff follows that up with a Swanton bomb to give his team the win.

Winners: The Hardys

After the match, Andrade’s msuic hits and out comes the A.F.O. Andrade, flanked by The Butcher and The Blade, surrounds the ring. Darby Allin’s music hits and Darby and Sting come to the aid of the Hardys against the A.F.O.

We also hear from Red Velvet ahead of her match with Leyla Hirsch on AEW Rampage. Velvet says now that she sees what Hirsch became, she will put a stop to it on Friday.

AEW Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match: Dr. Britt Baker (c) vs Thunder Rosa

We see the cage getting lowered down to the ring. A women’s mexican band appears on the stage and they sing, setting up Thunder Rosa’s entrance. Dr. Britt Baker makes her entrance next in a Scott Hall styled attire.

She isn’t accompanied by anyone and makes her way down the ramp and into the cage alone. Baker immediately tries to escape the cage, but Rosa quickly gets her down. Baker sends Rosa into the ropes but Rosa ducks Baker’s attack and hits a clothesline of her own.

Rosa completely controls the match early on. She drags Baker’s face across the steel cage. Rosa bloodies up Baker quickly. They roll to the outside of the ring and Rosa continue to throw Baker into the cage, but Baker reverses and sends Rosa into the cage wall.

Baker now has the upper hand in this match and Rosa is now wearing the crimson mask. Baker brings a ton fo steel chairs inside the ring. Rosa picks one up and hits Baker in the spine with it. Rosa hits a stunner on Baker and follows that up with a clothesline in the corner and a double knee strike.

Rosa hits a running dropkick onto Baker in the corner and goes for the pinfall but only gets a two-count. Baker accidentally super kicks the referee. Rosa accidentally sends the referee into the cage on the outside of the ring and hits her finisher on Baker. Rosa goes for the pin but there is no referee to count the pinfall.

Rosa makes her way to the top rope but Baker hits her with the chair as she got up to the top. Baker piles up the chairs in the corner nearest to Rosa. Baker hits an avalanche air-raid crash right onto the chairs. A new ref makes her way to the ring as Baker pins Rosa but it’s only a two-count.

Baker gets in the face of the ref but the ref pushes her back and Baker goes back to Rosa. Rosa is down in the corner and Baker sets up the chairs sitting up positioned in the corner. Both women make their way to the top turnbuckle and Rosa knocks Baker’s head into the steel and Baker goes crashing through the chairs.

Rosa attempts to pin Baker but just gets a two-count. Baker brings out a black bag and hits Rosa over the head with it. She opens the bag and poors out the thumbtacks that were inside of it.  Rosa attempts a powerbomb on the thumbtacks, but Baker reverses with a back body drop.

Baker calls for the lockjaw but Rosa bites Baker’s hand. Baker goes to the opposite side but Rosa throws Baker’s hand onto the tacks. Rosa is able to powerbomb Baker onto the thumbtacks and Baker rolls outside. Baker grabs a steel chair and knocks it over the head of Rosa.

Thunder Rosa hits her finishing move on Baker on the thumbtacks out of nowhere and pins Baker for the win. The crowd goes nuts.

Winner: And New AEW Women’s Championship, Thunder Rosa

After the match, Rosa celebrates with her fans and is met in the ring by Dustin Rhodes. The two hug to end the show.