WWE Money in the Bank: Three frontrunners for the men’s briefcase


Heading into WrestleMania the men’s roster is looking for its next big star. The winner of the title unification bout between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will need a list of challengers. That is if the WWE is planning on giving fans something fresh rather than more of the same feud. If that change is going to happen, the Money in the Bank ladder match is the right opportunity to begin that build. With that in mind, here are three frontrunners to take home the briefcase in 2022.

Damian Priest

Early in his run on the main roster, it looked like Damian Priest was poised to become a top name. He was strongly booked and looked like a credible champion during his time with the United States Championship. The split-personality character type he’s been saddled with as of late hasn’t had the greatest response, and it’s impacted his booking strength at the same time. This could potentially be corrected with Priest winning the MITB briefcase and going on to become a champion.

Viewers have seen flashes of Priest booked well as a heel. That should be the direction of his use as a MITB holder but avoid the idea of him having to trick his way into using the briefcase. Instead, positioning him as a top name on the roster by using the briefcase for a direct title shot would be the way to repair some of the damage that has been done, kicking him off to a strong run at the top of the card.

Kevin Owens

It has been five years since Kevin Owens has been a singles champion in the WWE. That feels much longer than it really is, but it’s still long overdue. Even though he held the Universal Championship for 188-days, that time was also cut short before he could truly find his stride. Owens is one of the best performers on the entire WWE roster and slotting him into the main event picture with the Money in the Bank briefcase would be a vast improvement over the current main event scene.

Owens did feud with Roman Reigns for his title during the COVID-19 era, but it never felt like he was truly a threat to the title run. Even since that time as the top contender, the WWE continues to lean on Owens because they know he’s capable of consistently deliverable in all aspects of sports entertainment the company looks for. Rewarding him with the MITB briefcase and the title would be a step that fans would meet with wide praise.

Bron Breakker

Now is the time for the WWE to book Bron Breakker as the force he can be for this roster. Just as he was pushed while in NXT, the same must happen on the main roster. Breakker is one of the few individuals that have the “it” factor that screams WWE Superstar and the company also presents him as such at the same time.

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The right step would be to bring Breakker up to the main roster immediately after WrestleMania. From there, set the stage that he is going to enter the Money in the Bank ladder match in July, picking up the victory in the end. If either Reigns or Lesnar are still champion at that time, Breakker fits the mold of the type of personality and look that decision-makers would want to be seen as a top star in the company. Call him inexperienced, green, or whatever other term necessary, but that doesn’t change the fact that he would be a strong fit to hold the MITB briefcase.