Bron Breakker should be moved to the main roster after WrestleMania /

Dolph Ziggler’s surprise victory for the NXT Championship caught the majority of the wrestling community off guard. Everyone expected NXT 2.0 to revolve around Bron Breakker for the immediate future. If that’s not the plan, then a move to the main roster should be next for the son of Rick Steiner. Everything about him screams “main roster WWE” and it’s time to put him right in the spotlight on a show like Monday Night Raw.

From the moment Breakker stepped into the ring in NXT, everyone who has watched WWE content the last few years knew it would not be long before he’d get a call up to the main roster. Yes, Breakker is extremely green – he has only one year of professional experience under his belt. But there are some individuals that have “it” and he’s one of them.

Fans are witnessing a similar situation with Jade Cargill in All Elite Wrestling. She’s new to the industry, but she’s captured a budding fan base in a short time span, and the promotion has rightfully put the push behind her. WWE should do the same with Breakker.

This is especially important as WWE continues to struggle to build new, young names for the brand. Due to lackadaisical booking, the male side of the roster is extremely stagnant. The women’s division is headed for the same outcome, but there are more outliers within that group than there are on the men’s side. Breakker, at just 24-years old, can be the breath of fresh air this company needs to start their own youth movement for the future.

Bringing Breakker up to the main roster and booking him as an immediate and credible threat is the only way to go. There isn’t a need to go the route of “young guy loses tough matches to veterans.” Instead, Breakker needs to pick up victory after victory right from the start. Booking him credibly would help vault him to a level that could see him standing across from Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar by this very time heading into WrestleMania 39. It’s clear that WWE doesn’t plan to elevate any other men on the roster between now and then, so Breakker could become the top challenger to any title on the main roster.

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Breakker has already made his debut on Monday Night Raw, teaming with Tommaso Ciampa against Bobby Roode and Ziggler. Immediately after WrestleMania that move needs to be permanent. Strap the rocket to him and watch the development of the company’s newest young star. And since WWE is so keen on changing names, please change his to Rex Steiner.