Impact Wrestling Results: Tasha Steelz defeats Mickie James in a street fight

WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV)
WWE, Mickie James (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV) /

Welcome to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia where Impact Wrestling will feature a hardcore street fight between Mickie James and Tasha Steelz.

Joshua Alexander comes to the Impact Wrestling ring enraged that Moose would go to his home and talk to his wife and kid. Moose really didn’t do anything that was threatening when he visited, but I guess Josh hates the idea that his wife would be greeted by his opponent. Josh says he is going to save up his rage and unleash it on Moose at Rebellion. Moose comes out and says that Joshua can’t beat him and when he loses at Rebellion Josh’s wife and kids will need Moose to show them a real role model.

Josh and Moose start throwing fisticuffs in the Impact Wrestling Zone. It goes backstage where Josh goes ape on Moose. He is about to throw him off the balcony when Madman Fulton stops him.

Josh is talking to Scott D’Amore. Scott says Josh is lucky he didn’t go to jail for his outburst.

Mike Bailey vs. Willie Mack vs. Laredo Kid

The winner of this match gets to face Ace Austin and Trey Miguel in a triple threat for the X-Division title. For the past two episodes, the story has been centered around Ace Austin talking to Mike Bailey. Mike Bailey is going to win this for the sake of that story. The Impact Wrestling ring shakes with fast-paced hurricanranas. Willie Mack is slapping his opponents like they owe him money. Mike Bailey has some amazing lightning kicks. Laredo Kid hits a 720 corkscrew from the turnbuckle to the outside. Willie Mack lands a Razor’s Edge on his opponent to pay homage to Hall. Mike Bailey gets Mack alone long enough to hit The Ultima Weapon off the turnbuckle for the win.

Winner: Mike Bailey

Review: 2.5/5- Great spots, but the outcome was predictable

The Bullet Club promo: Jay White says that he stopped the Motor City Machine Guns from getting the three count on their match last week, but the ref had it in for him. He issues a rematch. The Good Brothers assure us that they will win the tag titles tonight in their lumberjack match.

Raj Singh is now working with Shera after Bhupinder Gujjar rejected him.

Steve Maclin vs. Heath w/ Rhino

Maclin has been on a winning streak and now he is going to wrestle Rhino’s partner. Since this is the old ECW arena, Rhino needs to do something old school in this match. Steve Maclin and Heath tussle around until Steve fakes a leg injury so the ref kicks out Rhino from ringside. Steve goes on the offensive, leaving Heath to do his normal array of punches and high knees. Maclin goes for the Wake-up Call, but Maclin turns it into a pin attempt with his feet on the ropes. Maclin wins with the dirty pin.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Rhino runs back into the ring and gores Steve.

Review: 1/5- Meh!

Tenille Dashwood is backstage doing her interview show with Kaleb. She asks him why he isn’t loyal to The Influence. Kaleb says his neck hurts and runs away. He bumps into Madison Rayne who is hosting her Locker Talk Show. She asks him the same question, but he runs away.

Jonah Promo: Jonah says he is facing ECE at Rebellion. I actually have no idea who he is challenging. The captions say it is ECE, but he sounded like he was saying EC3 or Ishii (Easy E?). The main point is that he swept his renewed feud with PCO under the rug and pretends it never happened.

The Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design (Lumberjack Match)

Impact Wrestling now has all the tag teams surrounding the ring. The Good Brothers and Violent By Design’s Joe Doerring and Eric Young start battling. Eric Young hasn’t missed a step as he dominates the ring with some pretty nifty running tackles and strikes. The tag teams around the ring attack anyone who gets knocked over the ropes. The Good Brothers hit their Magic Killer, but Deaner interrupts the pin attempt. Finally, the tag teams get distracted, leaving Matt Taven and Mike Bennet to a low blow and finish Karl Andersen. Eric gets the pin and retains the tag titles.

Winner: Violent By Design

Review: 2/5- Eric Young looked really good in this match and adding Honor No More’s tag team into a feud was pretty smart. The wrestling match itself was boring.

Tasha Steelz is interviewed. She tells Savannah Evans not to come to her aid in her match with Mickie James. Chelsea Green and Savannah Evans will not be at ringside.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rocky Romero

What??? Is that technical mat wrestling in an Impact Wrestling ring? Rocky Romero brought some of his tactical holds and submissions, which is a nice change of pace from the American strike-style wrestling we have been getting. Eddie and Rocky have a finely tuned match where submissions and grapples are expertly executed. Rocky hits the forever clotheslines and a tornado DDT, but fails to hit the Diablo Armbar twice. Eddie catches Rocky with a Blue Thunder Bomb and a tiger driver. Eddie turns Rocky’s armbar finisher into a pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Review: 3/5- Eddie is actually more interesting to watch as a heel

Romero goes for a handshake, but Eddie starts stomping on him. Jonathan Gresham runs into the ring for a save.

Swinger’s Dungeon Promo: Zicky Dice is excited to be part of Swinger’s Dungeon, which is just a thinly veiled sex joke. Swinger tells Zicky that he is putting him in the Chump Chump Challenge next week.

Next Week: Joshua Alexander is facing off against Madman Fulton. Josh wants to get even on Fulton because he stopped him from killing Moose and going to jail forever.

Tasha Steelz vs. Mickie James

The ECW torch is being passed to the Knockouts and it feels right. Tasha and Mickie are adamant about beating each other. They use bats, trash can lids, and chains to exact vengeance. This is the longest match of the night and it doesn’t let up. Savannah Evans comes out and starts beating on Mickie. Mickie is able to defend herself and puts Evans through a table. Mickie and Tasha start throwing garbage cans at each other. Mickie deflects a Blackout and hits her Mickie DT. Evans grabs the ref and throws him out of the ring before she can get the win. Steelz and Evans start pummeling Mickie with a chair. Chelsea Green runs down to the ring with a chair, but instead of coming to Mickie James’ aid she sits in the chair and laughs at her. Tasha gets the win and retains the title.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

Review: 3.75/5- such good heat between these two and it was an honor to watch them duke it out in the main event. Anyone could see the Chelsea Green heel turn from a mile away.

After the match, Chelsea smiles over a very battered Mickie. Mickie slaps Chelsea and they start to fight. Unfortunately, Matt Cardona hits Mickie with his Radio Silence as the show closes.