Three AEW names WWE could target in future free agency battles

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Could the Cody Rhodes signing convince more AEW names to make the jump? Maybe, and these are three that the WWE should target in the future. 

The “free agency war” between All Elite Wrestling and the WWE is one of the new ways competition between the two promotions will continue in the future. AEW has secured many names from the WWE in the likes of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, and others. WWE picked up its first win in the likes of Cody Rhodes. That’s an important step for the company if they are going to keep up in the back and forth. If Rhodes’s transition back to the WWE goes well, it opens potential signings in the future. These are three potential names that WWE could roll out the money trucks to secure in the future.

Britt Baker

Britt Baker is a vital member of the entire AEW roster. It was clear from the start, that the plan was to build the foundation of the women’s division around her. Even when Baker suffered a knee injury, the company did not hesitate to find a way to keep her on television. While opinions about her run as the champion will vary, there’s no denying the fact that she is an important name in that group and the roster.

She has the type of personality and presence in the ring that WWE looks for in their roster. Even in her relative newness, she’s become a superstar in the industry, polarizing one way or another. While she is secured to a strong deal with the company, no one would be surprised in WWE attempted to roll out all that is needed to entice her to a new opportunity in the future.


MJF to WWE is already a topic that is coming up. He was quickly tabbed as one of the biggest prospects in the company and he’s been booked as such. Whenever the conversation about the “Four Pillars of AEW” comes up, many will point to MJF as the most important one of the group. His feud with CMP Punk may not have ended in the way some of his fans’ desire. But it’s a matter of time before that AEW World Championship is around his waist.

Even as recently as last week, MJF was asked about his potential to go to WWE, and he has never closed that door entirely.

“As far as how I’ve been reached out to, legally, it’s not smart for me to answer that question,” MFJ said while speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “But what I can say emphatically, is there is an absurd amount of interest in me.”

Whether that interest comes to fruition or not, MJF is certainly one that WWE will have its radar on in the future.

Darby Allin

Darby Allin may be the surprise name on the AEW roster that has become a star for the company so soon. His TNT Championship run truly set the tone for his time in AEW and he’s become a fan favorite. Even outside of the title picture, he remains a player on the roster that gets a strong response anytime he’s in the ring or on television.

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One could see WWE taking an interest in his character and in-ring abilities. While some will disagree, Darby Allin projects as more sports entertainer than professional wrestler, which would put him in the crosshairs of the WWE if the opportunity opened.