Sami Zayn on why it was a ‘no-brainer’ to stay in the WWE


Sami Zayn is a bright spot on the WWE roster. Every week his antics are one of the bright spots of the company’s programming. When Zayn’s contract was nearing its end, some fans wanted to see him go over two AEW. However, Zayn re-signed with the WWE and has remained in a featured position. He spoke openly about the decision and being in a position to put on his best work with the promotion to date.

“I’ve definitely gotten the impression and they have said as much that I’m a valued part of the roster, and I feel valued, and I get a lot of television time,” Zayn said while speaking to Aidan Gibbons of Cultaholic. “I was very happy to stay because I felt valued, I felt appreciated and it was reflected as such by the amount of television time I got. For me, it was a bit of a no-brainer to stay right now.”

Zayn is heading into WrestleMania embroiled in a feud with Johnny Knoxville that goes back to before the Royal Rumble. He frequently gets television time and his antics on social media to promote the match are also hilarious. This may not be the serious iteration of Sami Zayn that fans saw on NXT, but he is a highly utilized part of the WWE roster, which is often difficult for many others.

Zayn’s current work is among some of the best in the company. Zayn can put on a classic match with the best on the roster at any moment. He has a catalog full of hits that can hang with any other resume in today’s industry. While he doesn’t get to feature those aspects of his talents frequently, they can be called upon if the widely hoped moment of a main-event push comes. Until then, enjoy Zayn as he presents some of the best character work in the business.

“With so many moving parts and so many talented people sometimes, inevitably, you kind of get left behind but I haven’t felt that way in a long time with WWE,” Zayn said. “So, I’ve been very happy and stimulated creatively even, which I know is a difficult thing to get in WWE sometimes.”

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As the free agency battle between the WWE and AEW continues to heat up, it is interesting to look at Zayn’s place on the card and these comments as a look inside his mind and decision to stay. Sami Zayn is one of the most consistent performers on the card and it would be excellent to see this re-signing lead to bigger and better things for him in the future.