Three women who can take the NXT Women’s Title off Mandy Rose /

The women’s division has changed significantly since NXT 2.0 began in the autumn of 2021. One woman who has made their mark in the women’s division is Mandy Rose. Mandy has been the NXT Women’s Champion for almost five months. The moment Mandy joined NXT, she became more and more vicious with her character and in-ring persona. Starting as the leader of the villainous faction, Toxic Attraction, Mandy was in no rush to make an impact. Within a short time, Mandy defeated Raquel Gonzalez to win the NXT Women’s Title. Throughout her reign, she has defeated multiple women in the NXT roster, such as Kay Lee Ray, Cora Jade, and Raquel Gonzalez.

As the NXT 2.0 roster constantly grows in the women’s division, the land of opportunity becomes more open. Instead of mainly considering the women wrestlers from the original NXT, let’s all take a look and analyze the women who made a name out for themselves in NXT 2.0. Here are three women who can beat Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Title.

Cora Jade

Cora Jade has proven that she can compete in the main event picture by going against the top female wrestlers in NXT 2.0. Going against Gonzalez and even chasing Mandy for her NXT Women’s Championship, she has indicated what she can do in the ring. Her charisma and popularity with the fans boost her young career as well. Although she has come up short in championship opportunities, she has the “never say die” attitude and underdog personality.

At NXT: Stand and Deliver, Jade is getting another opportunity at the NXT Women’s Title. This match could end with Jade being the one to dethrone Mandy off her pedal stool and shift the NXT women’s division to heights never seen before.

Nikkita Lyons

Nikkita Lyons is an up-and-coming who shall not be taken lightly from the NXT Universe. Based on her successful debut match and her growing fanbase, Nikkita is already on a roll. Currently, Nikkita is in her first rivalry with fellow NXT rising star Lash Legend. Hopefully, Nikkita can prove to the NXT officials that she can create buzz and interest.

Nikkita has a lot to prove for another young and promising star before she rises to superstardom. With the right amount of time and patience to build Nikkita, she could be someone who defeats Mandy for the NXT Women’s Title.


Although Sarray came along a little before NXT 2.0 launched, she is still a new and fresh wrestler. With her repackaged gimmick as a schoolgirl, there are so many open stories for Sarray. In storyline, 2021 didn’t go as planned for her. Maybe in 2022, Sarray finds a new light, but this time, in championship gold.

Sarray needs more wins under her belt to get in the championship picture. Hopefully, for Sarray, she can make 2022 her year by being the one who dethrones Toxic Attraction’s fame by defeating Mandy for the NXT Women’s Title.

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