5 NXT wrestlers who should be drafted to the main WWE roster

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Love it or hate it, the WWE Draft is back for 2021 and word on the street is that NXT wrestlers will be involved. Well, not so much the street as it is the word on Twitter. If true, the nice thing about this is it might actually make the draft interesting and unexpected this year.

There are more than a few NXT superstars who could benefit from a move to the main roster. That’s assuming that their main roster booking is good and they don’t end up being called “Bearcat” or something silly like that.

Johnny Gargano

Referred to by some as the heart and soul of NXT, Johnny Gargano has been part of the former black and gold brand since 2015. He’s held the NXT Championship, the North American Championship, and the NXT Tag Team Championships.

At this point, Gargano has done everything he’s going to do in NXT. And it’s starting to feel like the brand is leaving him behind. While the main roster might not put him to good use, it would be nice to see him on a different stage, though AEW would probably be a better fit than Raw.

LA Knight

From moment one, LA Knight felt out of place on NXT. Formerly known as Eli Drake in his Impact Wrestling days, Knight made his debut with NXT earlier in 2021. He’s a talented wrestler and great on the mic, but he just doesn’t fit in on this brand.

Honestly, Knight would do much better on the main roster, particularly on SmackDown. He could easily have excellent feuds with Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, and Finn Bálor. His mic work and bravado would just make more sense there.

NXT Women’s Champion Raquel González

Ever since Mandy Rose suddenly returned to NXT, WWE has been positioning her for something big. As the weeks have gone on, a run as the NXT Women’s Champion has started to become more and more likely. But for her to win, Raquel González has to lose.

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Raquel has held the title since April 7, 2021. Her gimmick is polished and her matches are consistently great. She’s main roster ready. It would make sense to move the belt onto Rose as part of drafting González to Raw or SmackDown.

Pete Dunne

Apparently, Pete Dunne recently re-upped his contract with WWE for another few years. Keeping in mind that the company just lost Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson to AEW, WWE was probably anxious to prevent another recognizable talent from jumping ship.

Unless the NXT Championship is finally going to go his way, it’s time for Dunne to become part of the main roster. The guy wrestles pay-per-view quality matches every time he’s in the ring. Watching Dunne feud with Big E over the WWE Championship could be amazing.


Yes, it’s a “well-known fact” that Walter has reputedly said that he doesn’t want to move to the United States as a permanent resident. But the man doesn’t have to become a permanent resident to work on the main roster.

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This is one of the most compelling and dominant wrestlers in the business. Walter just finished an 800,000-day reign as the NXT UK Champion. It’s time to put him on the main roster and have him face off against the big dogs of Raw and SmackDown. You know you want to see him fight Lesnar.