WWE: Three NXT names that should be called up after WrestleMania

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Jordan Myles cameron Grimes WWE NXT
Jordan Myles cameron Grimes WWE NXT /

2. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes had a really interesting career in NXT. Ever since Grimes debuted on the black and gold brand during the first-ever Breakout tournament in 2019, he had a ton of different phrases in the past three years. When he first arrived in NXT, Grimes was a serious wrestler.

He went all the way to the finals in the Breakout tournament. But he lost against Jordan Myles. A couple of months later, he went from being a serious wrestler who didn’t talk a lot to a guy who is showing more personality.

He was goofier and more annoying than when he debuted on the black and gold brand. And he has a catchphrase that he still uses today. He always says to the moon. In somewhere between late 2020 to early 2021, he changed his gimmick again to a millionaire after he got rich from a stock exchange in real life.

Once he’s doing the millionaire gimmick, slowly becomes a babyface. And when he had the feud with L.A. Knight, he became a Babyface. He is getting a great babyface reaction with the fans. He can be the next underdog babyface in WWE.

It looked like he was going to be a key player in NXT until they rebranded the show to NXT 2.0. He wasn’t positioned as a regular contributor until he feuded with Duke Hudson. He once again got a makeover but he become more serious and he’s positioned as an underdog.

He could be in the multi-man ladder match for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Stand Deliver. But after that, I don’t know what’s next with Grimes because I don’t see him winning the North American title. That is why he should be on the main roster because he doesn’t have a role on NXT anymore. He will be in a fresh new environment where he can be one of the top Babyfaces in the WWE.