WrestleMania: AJ Styles vs Edge has Match of the Year potential


Ask anyone what is the “best” match to ever happen a WrestleMania and there would be an extensive list of answers. Each of those answers had moments and consequences that are burned into the memories of fans, wrestlers, and everyone in between. At WrestleMania 38, Edge and AJ Styles have the opportunity to add their names to the list of responses. Knowing what these two men bring to the ring, Styles and Edge have all the makings of being a match-of-the-year candidate.

Edge and Styles are two of the top performers on the WWE roster today. As the company continues to demand more creative control over everything that hits television, Edge and Styles are two individuals who find ways to make the most out of what they are given. Look at what Styles was able to do with his pairing with Omos or even one of the better WWE matches in 2022 with Austin Theory. To steal a phrase from a popular NXT performer, AJ Styles “doesn’t miss.”

In pairing him with Edge WWE has the opportunity to tell a story about two men who were both considered the “greatest” of their times. Styles and Edge overlapped, but never in the same promotion. That wasn’t a part of the focus heading into this match, as it should have been, but that under current helps build what will be one of the better matches WrestleMania weekend.

Edge’s return run has been very well executed. From the surprise return at the Rumble, facing down Randy Orton, winning the Rumble, challenging Roman Reigns, and up to this – everything has hit well with the WWE fanbase, both young and old. Capping it off with a victory over AJ Styles this weekend helps present the opportunity to lead Edge into one last title run. While his legacy doesn’t need another championship reign.

While it would be nice to see Styles pick up a major victory at a WrestleMania, he’s at the point in his WWE run that he doesn’t need one. Styles is Teflon when it comes to his perception with WWE fans. At any moment he could be elevated back to the main event picture, with or without a victory at the biggest show of the year.

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There are a few opportunities for major moments at WrestleMania 38. Edge versus AJ Styles is one of the biggest. At the end of the weekend, this may be looked at as the top match of the show and perhaps the best match across all professional wrestling for 2022.