Becky Lynch has a perfect explanation on the importance of storytelling


Storytelling is an essential element of entertainment. It’s why consumers engage with their favorite mediums. Imagine pickup up a book or watching a movie that didn’t have a story theme driving the action from start to finish. The same could be said about professional wrestling. Multiple-time Champion Becky Lynch believes in the power of storytelling and her stance is 100 percent correct.

“That’s all this is. It’s story,” Lynch said while speaking with Scott Fishman of TV Insider. “When we watch anything, we’re watching and listening to a story. So, you want to tell that in the best, most intriguing way possible. It’s an art. That’s the part I love about this more than anything, being able to take the audience on a ride. We see the athleticism. We see the moves. That’s not what draws us in. What draws us in is emotion.”

Lynch is spot on with her assessment. This is one of the main reasons why her work is among the best is professional wrestling. The story of her hatred of being overlooked has carried through her initial title match against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, into her current storyline with Bianca Belair.

The storytelling that Lynch speaks of and demonstrates with her work is a rarity in the WWE, which is one of many frustrations with the company today. Roman Reigns’ angle as the “Head of the Table” continues to be the feature story, with much else not getting the same level of attention or representation in front of the camera.

It’s a common complaint that has created a space for promotions like All Elite Wrestling to outperform WWE in that area, even though that company has its challenges as well. Fans may love the cool moves and over-the-top presentation, but it’s the intriguing stories that keep them coming back for more.

It’s the in-between,” Lynch continued. “The rawness of it all. I’m not the most athletic in the world, but I can tell one hell of a story. That’s the part I’ve focused on. How can I tell the best story? How do I take them on that ride? How do I draw out that emotion? As the old saying goes, people won’t remember what you did or said, but how you made them feel.”

It’s without a doubt that Lynch is one of the best minds in the business. As she became a louder voice for her own success, nearly everything that she’s touched has worked out in her favor. When her career is over, many will see her as the greatest of all time. And like she said, it won’t be because she did a shooting star press, or because she makes out with her partner on camera. It will be because of the way she made viewers care about everything she’s done.

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Storytelling, especially within the WWE, needs to be a central part of the industry because it continues to pull all the fans back to the product time and time again.