The Knight Model Management should further the career of these three names


Giving professional wrestlers a fresh look is a frequent occurrence in the industry. There are several examples of talented performers getting a new gimmick that leads to new opportunities down the line. Over on WWE SmackDown, LA Knight is getting evaluated as a manager forming a new stable and he’s already introduced two members in Mansoor and Mace. As interest in what’s to come grows, here are some other names that should be slotted into this developing group.

Shotzi Blackheart

WWE must do a better job involving women on the roster in these opportunities. Ivy Nile is becoming the most interesting member of Diamond Mind, partly because of Malcolm Bivens’s involvement in the group. The same could occur here with LA Knight managing Shotzi Blackheart.

There’s a lot that stands out about Blackheart. Her look and in-ring style are both widely different than all her peers on the roster. WWE should utilize both points to help her become a bigger star on the roster. Fans haven’t seen much of her promo work because she hasn’t picked up a lot of time on the microphone, both on the main roster nor in NXT. But it wouldn’t be a longshot to think that she could use some help from Knight in this area. This is a chance to create a new women’s name that garners interest from fans on the roster and adding her to LA Knight’s agency is the way to go.

Madcap Moss

Madcap Moss is a performer that many have their eye on. He’s stuck in this horrible angle with Baron Corbin, one that helps neither man and seems to be another one of those television angles right from the mind of an out-of-touch CEO and Chairman. But under all of that, is a performer that names such as Paul Heyman tabbed as a top performer of the future. Using this Knight Model Management faction as an opportunity to rebuild Moss would be a possible step in the right direction.

Moss has the look that WWE covets and his in-ring abilities are slowly growing. Giving him a mouthpiece like Knight helps shore up the one area where his skills are lacking the most, promo abilities. It’s not that he’s horrible, but as with many individuals, this is a place where he can stand to grow. Moss can be a star of the future and WWE creative should use this moment to help build him in that direction.

LA Knight

The third is LA Knight himself. While it seems obvious that he will have a spotlight around him as the mouthpiece of this group, WWE should not forget that LA Knight is a capable performer. His NXT run proved that he could hang with the best on the roster and he could be a main-event level star. And if there is a need for more evidence, look at his tenure in other organizations such as IMPACT where he was the Impact World Champion as Eli Drake. Knight can work and talk in the exact style that WWE looks for in building new stars. This is just as much of an opportunity for him to elevate himself on the roster as it is for the others to come in this group.

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Much like MVP helped establish the Hurt Business, LA Knight has the potential to build a stable that can be seen as a launching point for multiple names. Adding these two names and giving Knight the time to shine both on the microphone and in the ring is the best way to serve everyone involved.