LA Knight should be a top name on SmackDown or Monday Night Raw


WWE NXT 2.0 is certainly a weekly experience every Tuesday. It’s not the same product that Triple H built years ago, but there are still some bright spots to highlight. One is LA Knight. Knight doesn’t need much of an introduction because he put together a strong resume before heading to WWE. But his run in NXT shows that they have a main-event level talent on their hands that can be at the top of any brand.

Knight has captured titles nearly every location he’s competed. NWA, IMPACT, DDT, and more adorn his resume, showing success as both a singles and tag team act. These opportunities came after Knight’s initial run with NXT came to an end back in 2014. Looking back, it was the boost that led to his development as a performer and personality that has placed him back in WWE and garnering praise for his work.

Can Knight’s in-ring abilities match some of the best workers in the business? Yes. Look back to his matches with Cameron Grimes, or even further back to his series with Eddie Edwards and Johnny Nitro as examples. Can Knight “get over” as a character with the WWE Universe? Absolutely. His promo skills are far above many on the NXT roster, and his experience could see him hanging with the likes of Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins during the plentiful talking segments on the main roster. If anything, there’s nothing that Knight can’t do within the WWE’s model of building superstars.

It will be interesting to see the next phases of Knight’s run on NXT. He’s currently in a feud with Grayson Waller who is clearly a favorite among those behind the scenes. It’s hard to see Knight coming out on top in this angle. He could also be utilized as a future opponent for Carmelo Hayes as he continues building his run as NXT North American Champion.

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There are a lot of ways that Knight can be featured in NXT, but his potential would be best leveraged on the main roster. Knight against Owens, Reigns, Rollins, Styles, Priest, and others are fresh feuds that could carry much of the content on either WWE SmackDown or Monday Night Raw. WWE continues to struggle to find new talent, leaning on the “nostalgia” that comes with Bill Goldberg, Lita, or part-timers. Knight is right there as a different name that has the abilities to become a top draw for the company.

WWE NXT is meant to build future stars for the company. The verdict is out to whether the changes are working, but there is at least one bright spot worth pointing out, and that is LA Knight.