Impact Wrestling: Deonna Purrazzo is the success story of the century


Deonna’s journey led her to success in Impact Wrestling.

Deonna Purrazzo is a wrestler who has made waves in many different ways in Impact Wrestling. How she made it to this point is nothing shy of a testament to her skills and amazing spirit in the ring. She started off as a name that was heard frequently to a name that headlines pay-per-views.

When looking at Deonna’s career, it was all a matter of patience and waiting for the right place and moment to finally show what she offers to the wrestling world. It took just shy of a decade for Deonna to finally have that moment and she’s just getting started.

Learning about Deonna Purazzo before Impact Wrestling.

Sometimes, there are names that echo in the mind frequently because they are around, but for one reason or another, most fans never saw her perform in the ring. By this point, the talent in the women’s division in the independent circuit reached new heights.

It made her a bit of an enigma to some degree during that time, but the mystery came to an end in 2015. It was during a time when Deonna made her presence felt and held the ECWA women’s championship.

Why did this particular moment make a difference? East Coast Wrestling Association is the mecca of independent wrestling with a long history of being the launch pad for future major stars. It is the center of many prophecies of who will rule the overall wrestling world.

When Deonna held the ECWA women’s championship, it felt like a defining moment. That’s what made us know that Deonna was in fact a force to be reckoned with in women’s wrestling. It wasn’t long before Deonna caught the attention of WWE.

After various roles and putting in the work and making her presence felt just about everywhere, it seemed like everything was finally going to come full circle. She quickly established who she was and what she could bring to any major wrestling promotion.

The excitement after the Mae Young Classic quickly turned into a tense moment. Deonna was not seen very often during her time signed with WWE. There were other names like Mia Yim, Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Piper Niven, and of course the winner Kairi Sane.

It was a barrage of talent signed and given the rub to appear. Excitement for one debut and appearance after another. Deonna was given the cold shoulder in the midst of the excitement and it seemed like WWE forgot about her.

Deonna is not unfamiliar with this kind of atmosphere since that was the same situation she was in early on in her career. Where a barrage of talent showed up on the independent wrestling circuit. It seemed to be a very similar situation happening in WWE all over again.

It was honestly the oddest situation WWE has had in a long time since Gail Kim’s original WWE run. The speculation was endless and there was massive disappointment when her WWE run came to an end in a rather unceremonious way.

Even though she was released, it would turn out to be the tipping point for future success in her career in Impact Wrestling and the independent wrestling circuit in general. The ride with Deonna wasn’t over, it was just beginning.

The Virtuosa conquers Impact Wrestling and beyond.

Impact Wrestling clearly knew what they were gaining with Deonna Purrazzo and she quickly established herself as technical excellence. It was hard to argue as she quickly won the Impact Knockouts championship from Jordynne Grace.

It goes without saying that Deonna has shown on full display who she truly is as a wrestler in full glory. Her time in Impact Wrestling has consisted of her appearing with championship gold whether it’s from Impact Wrestling, ROH, or AAA.

Deonna continued her dominance beyond Impact Wrestling and established herself as a champion no matter where she goes. This dominance truly brought everything full circle from the first time being formally introduced to her in 2015.

She was once the wrestler who was everywhere, but now, she is this championship pedigree superstar who emerged from the rubble of despair. Any other superstars would have folded or taken a hiatus, but Deonna is no ordinary superstar and it becomes more obvious as time goes by.

It’s nostalgic thinking about it coming full circle after a grace period of what was supposed to be a defining moment in WWE, but she doubled down and went above and beyond. If there was a before and after when it comes to careers, Deonna would have to be the ultimate example.

The scary part is, that she is just getting started and there is no sign of the Virtuosa slowing down anytime soon. She is twenty-eight years old, a highly decorated athlete, and it’s only a matter of time before the Virtuosa adds more championship gold to her mantel.

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It’s been an emotional ride watching Deonna blossom and turn into a full-fledged superstar. One can argue she will soon be a frontrunner hall of Famer in the future. All of us will have to watch how Deonna continues to add to her already colorful career in Impact Wrestling and beyond.