AEW: Wardlow can bring back the prestige of the TNT title that it once had


The TNT championship once had importance in AEW. But when Cody Rhodes left AEW to sign with WWE, the TNT title lost its prestige. It doesn’t help that they played hot potato with the title since Sammy Guevara beat Miro. After Miro lost the TNT championship, the title went from Guevara to Rhodes to Guevara to Scorpio Sky to Guevara to Sky again.

One name that could change the status of the TNT championship is Wardlow. He is getting a title shot next week on Dynamite against Sky in a street fight. Wardlow has been a crowd favorite and that will benefit this championship if he wins the match next week.

Why should AEW put the TNT championship on Wardlow?

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Despite Wardlow’s momentum cooling off in the last couple of weeks, he is still a crowd favorite. And he is one of the top rising stars in AEW. If Wardlow beats Sky next week for the TNT championship, that will increase the value of the title because the AEW fans love Wardlow and they will be excited for him to hold a championship.

He gets loud reactions from the AEW fans every time he gets in the ring. And whenever Wardlow has a match, he is dominant. The fans will be invested in the TNT championship because they are invested in Wardlow.

I do believe Wardlow will win the TNT championship this summer. However, I don’t think he will win the title next week because it’s too early for him to win the championship and Sky didn’t have enough time to hold the title.

Maybe the match ends with Ethan Page and American Top Team attacking Wardlow so much that he doesn’t have enough energy to win the match. That would set up a match in the near future where this time Wardlow wins the TNT title.

Even though it’s still early to put the TNT championship on him, I wouldn’t mind if Wardlow wins the match. This TNT title needs to be rejuvenated and Wardlow is the guy to give life to the championship.

The TNT title does not have the prestige that it once had. One reason why is because the TNT title changed hands six times in the past eight months. Another reason is the title lost its importance once Rhodes left AEW. One guy who can bring that presence back is Wardlow. He is on a roll right now and the fans love him. This means the fans will be interested in the TNT title again.