Malakai Black is a credible AEW champ waiting in the wings

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AEW has a chance to elevate Malakai Black into the title picture.

All Elite Wrestling is going through a tough spot as injuries cause havoc on the roster. Kenny Omega is still out and has been joined by Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, CM Punk, and others who are out. The rest of the roster stepped up, with Jon Moxley snatching the interim champion spot. With such a deep group of performers signed, it’s clear that they have multiple names that could fill in the void. One such person who is poised to be a champion in the future is Malaki Black, and it’s a moment fans are waiting to see.

Black’s emergence in an AEW ring in 2021 set the wrestling world on fire. It was a surprise that hit at the perfect moment as the promotion finally returned to touring after the COVID-19 global pandemic pushed everything to a standstill. He stepped in and went to war with Cody Rhodes, one of the hottest names in the company and professional wrestling. What resulted from his presentation, booking, and performance in the ring was a competitor that is one of the most over with the fans.

Malakai Black is a credible threat to any man holding the championship

That remains true today. With Julia Hart, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews by his side, Black is one of the most-liked and best-protected members on the roster. To put it in perspective, according to Cagematch data he’s had 22 matches with the promotion, losing only four. And of those four losses, only one of them has come in singles action. That’s important in a company like AEW that values wins and losses to such a high degree. Black is protected because decision-makers see value in him at the top of the card and that time is destined to come.

How could they get to that point? With Punk out and Moxley as interim champion, expectations are that the two will face off at All Out to unify the titles. But what if Moxley doesn’t make it there as champion? Black could be the individual to unseat him and a path to open that door includes this upcoming bout against King. If Black inserts himself in some fashion, fans may finally get the moment where Black is facing off with the man holding the AEW championship, putting that belt firmly in his sights.

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Fans want to see Malakai Black at the top of the card and AEW has protected him since joining the promotion to make him a viable threat to any person in his path. Is now the time that we see Black begin to rise to the top to take his place as a champion? Perhaps, but AEW does have another person on the roster who is ready to be a credible title holder.