Five tag wrestlers that can stand out as singles performers


These five individuals would stand out if given the chance to go it on their own.

Tag team wrestling has a storied place in professional wrestling, and still brings out some of the best action in the industry on a nightly basis. Across all promotions, there are several teams that create interesting personalities and innovative offense as a part of a duo. But there’s always one person that is seen as the “star” in the making when the almost inevitable split comes. Looking at AEW and WWE, these are five individuals that are currently in tag teams and have the potential to be singles stars if the opportunity comes their way.

Kayden Carter

The WWE NXT women’s tag team division has a talented group of women, some that are featured heavily and others that aren’t. One such is the pairing of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance, and as the tag team titles continue to escape their reach, perhaps it’s time to look at Carter as a singles performer.

When Lacey Lane was signed to the WWE in 2018, there was a lot of interest in what she’d bring to the company. Even though she was renamed Kayden Carter, that didn’t change her look and in-ring abilities which stood out from a lot of her peers. Even though she and Chance have great matches as a tag team, now is the time to move Carter to the main roster and present her as a singles competitor as that group continues to look for fresh faces to feature.

Antony Bowens

All eyes are on Max Caster in The Acclaimed, and that’s understandable. But Anthony Bowens should not be overlooked. As he recovers from an injury, Bowens is still one of the most over members of the AEW roster. And his in-ring performance matches. Bowens can go as a singles performer. He was in line to be signed by the WWE until ineptitude allowed him to remain a free agent and AEW to come calling.

If The Acclaimed ever split and Caster is sent to the moon via the rocket strapped to his back, AEW better not forget about Bowens as a solid member of the roster that can excel regardless of who stands across the ring from him. Plus, his microphone skills always deliver and that’s another talent that has come to light in recent months.

Angelo Dawkins

Yes, Montez Ford is on the cusp of a major singles push if and when WWE decides to pull the trigger. Ford checks all the boxes and fans are ready to hoist them onto their collective shoulders. But Angelo Dawkins deserves recognition for the steady improvement that he’s put out while a part of the main roster. The excitement around The Street Profits isn’t all due to Ford, Dawkins is a key part of their accent.

There’s a story to tell between Dawkins and Ford and WWE should give it the care to tell. The right angle could carry these two to a big match at WrestleMania, with an outcome that could bring them back together in the future. Dawkins deserves to be recognized for his potential and he has much to offer the WWE roster.

Gigi Dolin

Toxic Attraction is all about Mandy Rose, but Gigi Dolin shouldn’t be ignored. At some point, the powerful threesome will split and eventually be called up to the main roster, and that is where Dolin should shine as an individual performer.

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Dolin came into this role with a wealth of experience as Priscilla Kelly. She knows how to draw attention and perform in the ring, and with her look, all those factors can boost her into a strong position as a singles wrestler on the main roster.

Julius Creed

The Creed Brothers will dominate the WWE tag team division at some point. They came into WWE NXT to a tepid response as a part of Diamond Mine, but things picked up and now the train is running at full steam. When watching them perform, it’s Julius Creed that is catching all the attention, even drawing comparisons to Brock Lesnar. When the eventual split between Julius and Brutus comes, fans can expect to see singles gold around Julius’ waist at some point.