Four indie wrestling shows for those letdown by NXT 2.0


Very few will argue with the fact that NXT got weird when the Undisputed Era left for more elite pastures. NXT was crushed and forced itself into a metamorphosis of experimental ideas. From the logo that looks like someone melted Skittles to the odd push of wrestlers, fans are having a hard time staying loyal to the show.

This is also good news because I imagine that “find better indie wrestling” was one of your new year’s resolutions. We live in a time where a wrestling fan does not have to choose between Elite or Entertainment to get a good show. We can find some of the best wrestling through the magic of streaming.

First, I want to gush a bit about a streaming service that I have ignored for years. Fite+ is a quiet contender in the subscription-based services, but it has hours upon hours of wrestling goodness. It cannot promise any multi-million dollar wrestling industries, but it can deliver the best indie wrestling for $5. Most of my recommendations will be based on the companies they highlight.

1. FSW (Future Stars of Wrestling)

Future Stars is a mix of famous wrestling cameos, Impact stars, MLW, and the potential of young wrestlers trying to make a name for themselves (and get an NXT contract). In previous shows, they have had Matt Hardy, Joshua Alexander, Anthony Green, Trey Miguel, Chris Bey, Willie Mack, Davey Richards, Killer Kross.  Meanwhile, on the indie circuit, Jai Vidal, Nick Wayne, Kal Jak, Matt Vandagriff, and Viva Van is cutting their teeth on the veterans.

What I like about FSW is that they don’t produce filler TV tapings, but every event is treated like a PPV. The wrestlers have to give their best. Alexander Hammerstone is the current FSW heavyweight champion and I have to say his performance is much better than in an MLW ring.

2. Wrestling Revolver

Wrestling Revolver is like a close cousin to FSW. They make dream matches between promotions. Jon Moxley has wrestled a few times in the ring (check out his match with “Speedball” Mike Bailey.) There are no filler TV tapings that lack excitement and all the guest wrestlers want to wow the audience. If that is not crazy enough, Sami Callihan has a booking role in the company.

3. Renegades of Wrestling

Renegades of Wrestling is the new kid in town with barely a couple of months of shows under their belt, but I confess that this Aussie show runs itself like original brand NXT. The stories involve tough femme fatales and divas, while elitist heel stables cheat their way to the top. The babyfaces are likable and the narcissists are grade A jerks in this company. Notable wrestlers include Shazza McKenzie, Emman the Kid, Chanel Phoenix, Delta, Royce Chambers, and Mat Diamond. ROW has one of the strongest most likeable female rosters I have seen. I hope this group pays all their wrestling bills and stays for a long time.

4. House of Glory

House of Glory is another dream match generator, using today’s top talent. House of Glory has better camera quality, set design, and sound quality than the previously mentioned.  The promo has no homegrown wrestlers of their own, but they have a school where they have trained WWE wrestlers.