Five interesting returns for WWE with Triple H leading creative


With Triple H in charge of talent and creative, these five names would be interesting returns to the WWE.

Triple H is currently in charge of both talent relations and creative within the WWE. That change was met with both excitement and apprehension. Fightful Select reported an in-depth piece on several former WWE talent that believe they’d still be with the promotion is HHH was in charge before their release. The talent that WWE released in the last three years would be enough to power a new promotion on their own. But if the opportunity arose for a return to the WWE, these are five individuals that Triple H should push to bring back through the curtain.

WWE leadership leaned on the choice of “budget cuts” as the reason so many wrestlers were released as the company enjoyed record-breaking revenue numbers. But with Triple H in charge, there’s a potential opportunity that fans may see some of these individuals back in the company now that he has the run of two important positions.

Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai would be an immediate boost to the WWE women’s division. Whether it was on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown, she has all the tools necessary to be a factor in the main event picture. Imagine seeing Kai work with the likes of Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Asuka, and others. Those are the types of matches that would generate immediate attention. Those divisions need an infusion of fresh faces and Kai checks all the boxes of one that could be a star under Triple H where others refused to utilize her talent.

Malakai Black

The performer formerly known as Aleister Black has put together a strong run in All Elite Wrestling. While he has not reached a championship yet, he is on the short list of individuals that could become a title holder at any minute.

There was a brief moment when it looked like he was heading toward something interesting in WWE, but he was suddenly released without explanation. If he were to go back, would Triple H book him into a position as a top champion, much as he was while dominating WWE NXT? That’s a question worth asking and one that would be worth watching from a fan’s perspective as well.

Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano may be one of the two best free agents on the market today. And if he isn’t number one, then his wife, Candice LeRae would take that spot. Bringing Gargano back into the fold as a top babyface would be huge for WWE. Think of the potential matchups against names like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Carmelo Hayes, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and plenty more. Gargano has all the makings to put together a Shawn Michaels’s like run, and while that’s a big statement to make, he’s already shown the ability to pull off such an ask.

Candice LeRae

Just like Dakota Kai, Candice LeRae is someone that an entire women’s division can be built upon. WWE dropped a major ball when the company failed to book her as a central face for the women’s NXT division. She should have been the perfect individual to elevate many of the women that spent time in NXT before moving on to the main roster, but LeRae also had value on the main roster that was skipped over. If she were brought back into the WWE, now would be the perfect time to create a top babyface champion.

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Killer Kross

One of the weirdest things to happen in recent years was watching the complete dismantling of Karrion Kross. The way he was picked apart on the main roster after a dominant run in NXT was seen as a type of message that was sent Triple H’s way. Everything that made him “special” in NXT was removed and he was put in a position to fail like the decision was made on him long before he had an opportunity to prove otherwise. Could Kross succeed as a central figure on the main roster today? Perhaps, as it would be interesting to see what HHH would do with him without Vince McMahon looking over his shoulder.