Why the “All Elite Women” trademark is a big step forward


AEW has filed a trademark for “All Elite Women” as first reported by PWInsider. The filing is for a variety of things, including television programming, streaming of pay-per-views, and a variety of sports merchandise.

Some interesting notes from the trademark filing:

  • Entertainment services in the nature of creation, development, and production of television programming; Entertainment services in the nature of professional athletes competing in wrestling; Fan clubs; Music production services; On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring sports and entertainment; Publishing of electronic publications; Television show production; Educational and entertainment services, namely, a continuing program about wrestling accessible by radio, television, satellite, audio, video and computer networks; Entertainment in the nature of live performances by professional wrestlers; Entertainment in the nature of wrestling contests; Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer; Entertainment services, namely, providing temporary use of non-downloadable video games; Entertainment, namely, a continuing wrestling show broadcast over television, satellite, audio, and video media; Providing entertainment news and information specifically in the field of sport and entertainment via a website; Providing online music, not downloadable; Providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network; Providing a website featuring non-downloadable publications in the nature of electronic books, magazines, newsletters, journals, periodicals, articles, brochures, and on-line journals in the field of sports and entertainment; Providing an Internet website portal in the field of entertainment, cultural and sporting events
  • Retail store services featuring a wide variety of sports and entertainment merchandise; Advertising and promotional services; Online retail store services featuring a wide variety of sports and entertainment merchandise; Organizing exhibitions for wrestling events; Promotional sponsorship of professional wrestling events
  • Dolls; Skateboards; Action figures and accessories therefor; Board games; Card games; Costume masks; Playing cards; Stuffed toy animals; Tabletop games; Video game machines; Video game machines for use with televisions; Bobblehead dolls; Cases for action figures; Hand-held units for playing electronic games; Toy action figures; Toy wrestling rings
  • Streaming of pay-per-view events material on the Internet; Streaming of audio material on the Internet; Streaming of video material on the Internet; Transmission of information in the audiovisual field; Video-on-demand transmission services via the Internet; Communications services, namely, transmitting streamed sound and audiovisual recordings via the Internet; Mobile media services in the nature of electronic transmission of entertainment media content

More AEW programming for women

One of the biggest complaints in AEW’s first three years has been its presentation of women’s wrestling. They typically get one match on Dynamite and Rampage. Women’s matches on Elevation and Dark tend to be 2-4 minutes. AEW struggles with consistent backstage segments and character development for women.

Filing a trademark for “All Elite Women” signals that something bigger is coming for the women’s division. Hopefully, it’s an entire show dedicated to women’s wrestling. Some have suggested that it be given the Rampage slot from 10-11 PM ET on Friday nights. The last paragraph in the filing content above suggests that there will be pay-per-views that air online, perhaps on AEW’s YouTube channel. However, video-on-demand transmission seems to suggest an online library.

The trademark filing doesn’t specify that “All Elite Women” is for a wrestling show. It’s possible that it could be for a reality series a la Total Divas or a behind-the-scenes show focusing on the women’s roster.

Merchandising for All Elite Women

There is also a specification about merchandise, including dolls, action figures, and board games among other possibilities. It seems that AEW is going full force in marketing the women. There are a handful of women’s action figures already.

In leaked images from the “Fight Forever” video game, Abadon is featured. It is believed that they are the first non-binary wrestler to be featured in a wrestling video game. Assuming Nyla Rose is also in the game, she would be the first transgender woman in a wrestling video game. The cover features TBS Champion, Jade Cargill, and former AEW Women’s Champion, Britt Baker, D.M.D.

It’s huge that AEW’s first video game will feature non-binary and transgender wrestlers. It’s also important that two women are featured on the game’s cover. If “All Elite Women” is any indication, AEW is planning big things for the women’s division and how they are marketed.

Next. Jade Cargill is women's breakout performer midway through 202. dark

With WWE presenting some of its women’s division well at SummerSlam and on RAW, AEW should have extra incentive to present the women’s division better. With Women of Wrestling coming to TV in September, the rise of all women’s promotions, MLW’s Featherweight division, and IMPACT’s continued success with their women’s division, AEW has to do better or they’re going to get left behind.

Even NJPW will have a joint women’s title with STARDOM. They don’t even have a women’s division. Tony Khan also has to factor in ROH’s women’s division as well. Women of Honor spent last summer rebuilding and was in a solid position before the company temporarily shuttered.

“All Elite Women” has the potential to be a major shift in the trajectory of how women are presented in AEW. It’s about time.