Predicting the next five AEW World Champions

TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 06: Jon Moxley looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'New Year Dash' at the Oita City General Gymnasium on January 06, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 06: Jon Moxley looks on during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling 'New Year Dash' at the Oita City General Gymnasium on January 06, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

With CM Punk injured the future of the AEW championship is up in the air, but these five men stand a strong chance of being the next to hold that championship.

In a young three years the AEW World Championship has become one of the most prestigious titles in the industry. Through proper booking and build, the men who hold that belt are presented as strong competitors, elevating the value of that belt. CM Punk is injured and Jon Moxley has stepped in as interim champion. As viewers await that unification match, here are five other individuals that can find themselves holding that belt and adding themselves to the hollowed list.

5. Adam Cole

Let’s start with the man who seems like an obvious choice because he is one of the company’s top heels. Adam Cole grandly made his AEW debut last September, and since then, he has been presented as a top guy. Cole has barely lost a match since coming to the promotion. Cole is super over with the crowd and has one of the best entrances in the business. He has his faction with plenty of history behind them and is destined to be a world champion again. The thought of a Punk/Cole feud is excellent because it’s a match we haven’t seen before. The two wrestlers feel evenly matched in the world, and if given the right time, they could put on a classic match.

4. Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy has been in AEW since the beginning and has been put in feuds where he has shown that he can put on a good match. When it comes to AEW homegrown talent, Jungle Boy and Wardlow are the two wrestlers who come to most wrestling fans’ minds. Jungle Boy is currently in a feud with Christian Cage, and this has allowed fans to see that not only can he can wrestle, but he can also be a good promo talker when fired up. Jungle Boy is the most natural babyface in professional wrestling today because he has those factors about him and has the fundamentals to carry him far in AEW.

3. Kenny Omega

The return of Kenny Omega is something that wrestling fans have wanted since he decided to take a break to heal from his injuries. The storyline that AEW is currently building is the Undisputed Elite versus the Elite, which will be an exciting feud because of all these wrestlers’ friendships. The booking possibilities here are endless because Omega has unfinished business with the Young Bucks, who gave the nod the Adam Page when he beat Kenny for the AEW World championship. AEW has recently announced that they are going to have trios championships, which would be the perfect time for Kenny to return because of the Undisputed Elite turning on the Young Bucks’ If anyone deserves to be the first two-time AEW world champ, it’s Omega, who has already delivered so many great matches.

2. Bryan Danielson

Regarding who is the best wrestler of this generation, only two names get brought up: Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson. The two wrestlers had a 60-minute time limit draw against each other and what many consider the best match in the company’s short history. Danielson has only occasionally shown interest in the title, but his excellence as a wrestler has never been in doubt, particularly with William Regal singing his praises so frequently. While the Blackpool Combat Club has been great to watch, it is time for Danielson to be the main focus and go after the AEW championship. Bryan Danielson and Mox may be in the Blackpool Combat Club together, but it has to burn Bryan that he isn’t the world champion right now. Bryan Danielson feuding with Mox or CM Punk would be the feud that would bring more eyes to All Elite Wrestling.

1. Wardlow

Wardlow will be the first AEW homegrown talent to win the World Championship because of how over he is with the crowd. Wardlow is the one wrestler who feels like if he were to go to WWE, he would be just as popular. AEW has done a great job of building Wardlow up as a top babyface by having him win the TNT championship and defend it every other week. This is the chance to build Wardlow up as their version of Bautista by having him turn on MJF and become a popular babyface that already puts him on the path to becoming AEW’s world champion.