Three things that must happen in the upcoming WWE Draft


News bubbled up in recent days about an upcoming draft to occur in WWE. Viewers are well accustomed to the practice used to shift superstars around. Unfortunately, even that became stagnant as very little changed even after moving names between brands. With Triple H in charge, there’s hope that this iteration of the WWE Draft will be different. If that is the case, here are three things that must happen to continue the momentum that is growing for the WWE product.

Santos Escobar arrives on main roster

Santos Escobar dropped a big bout at NXT Heatwave, losing to Tony DeAngelo and being forced from the NXT brand. Escobar is as much of a main event talent as any within NXT. Everything he does in the ring, whether it’s his action and moves, or his ability to deliver a promo, exudes WWE superstar. And it’s time to see him on the main roster.

Think of some of the matches that could happen. Escobar versus the likes of AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, and Gunther. He would make an immediate impact on either roster. It would be even better if the entire Legado del Fantasma made the jump with him as they would be solid additions to the tag and women’s divisions as well.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are reunited

Sami Zayn is locked into a comical but important angle with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. The segments watching Zayn try to fit in are hilarious, but it’s clear that he’s going to irk Reigns at some point, leading to him and The Bloodline beating him down. Zayn doesn’t have many friends on the WWE roster, but there’s one battling buddy who has consistently had his back during their career, Kevin Owens. This is the opportunity to bring them back together in a main-event level feud for both men.

Zayn and Owens versus The Usos are a major tag team match that would have big implications for all men involved. Plus, it could create the path for Owens to get back into the main event to face off against Reigns.

Consolidating the women’s tag team divisions

The women’s tag team division is in a challenging position. The damage WWE did to the group under Vince McMahon left the division without solid teams or titles. Triple H is looking to correct that, but the reaction to the tournament has been tepid at best. Toxic Attraction’s last-minute addition could be a blessing in disguise and, should lead to the two divisions being rolled into one.

Judgement Day must lead to a Rhea Ripley title run. dark. Next

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance hold the WWE NXT tag titles, but they do not have much of a division around them. In fact, what’s on NXT and the main roster feel like two halves of a whole. With that in mind, combining the two groups and introducing Chance and Carter to the main roster would serve the outcome in a much stronger fashion.