It’s time to put a major WWE title around Kevin Owens’ waist


WWE is riding an upswing of momentum that comes from changes seen in the creative department. Anticipation for weekly content is returning, talent is getting the opportunity to feature their abilities, and fan favorites are slowly being utilized in the ways they should. If things continue to go in the right direction, there’s one inevitable that must happen. Kevin Owens must regain a major championship.

Critics would be hard-pressed to find anything about professional wrestling that Kevin Owens can’t do successfully. Can he deliver a promo that immediately helps fans get invested in his story? Of course. That was on display this past Monday Night Raw when he and Drew McIntyre cut promos that came with a hint of realism behind them. His microphone skills carried the entirety of a foolish angle with Ezekiel. One that is thankfully over.

What about putting on exceptional matches from bell to bell? Yep. Owens can do that, as he’s shown an ability to hang with any other wrestler, regardless of style. Owens is someone who goes beyond in the ring and to think WWE viewers have yet to see his full arsenal of techniques.

Elevating Owens back to the main event must happen sooner, rather than later. Even though he’s been in major angles with Roman Reigns lately, it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to lose, simply because the booking for Reigns was so clear-cut. Things are different today and there are several different avenues to get Owens back to the top. He doesn’t have to be a babyface or heel but instead plays that gray area where he’s doing all he can for his best interests.

There are so many stories to tell with Owens, especially that winding angle between he and Sami Zayn. They’ve both recently mentioned each other on WWE television and with a draft coming up there’s a good opportunity both men end up on the same show. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens versus The Usos? Yes, give that to us all in spades because everyone knows all four men would deliver a fantastic story from start to finish. Plus, this is an opportunity to put Owens on a path that leads back to Reigns and another shot at the top prize.

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There are few talents across all professional wrestling that are at Kevin Owens’ level. WWE has a top talent on their roster and with Triple H in charge, there finally seems to be hope that he’ll be used in such a way. Let’s put together a prayer circle to hope he has a top title around his waist soon.