Three can’t miss matches for the wrestling-filled Labor Day weekend


Labor Day weekend 2022 has suddenly become the front runner for the best weekend of wrestling this year. WWE is putting on two strong cards in Clash at the Castle and NXT Worlds Collide, while AEW closes things out with All Out on Sunday. There are big title matches and dream contests throughout the weekend. With that in mind, here are three matches that stand out among the pack as those that could be the biggest highlights when Monday morning comes around.

GUNTHER versus Sheamus

Big E was on to something when he joked about “Big meaty men slapping meat.” Gunther versus Sheamus is going to embody all of that when the two big men lock up at Clash at the Castle. This is one of those rare WWE matches where fans get to see a whole different level of violence. Think back to what Gunther did when he and Ilija Dragunov faced off in two battles for the NXT UK Championship. Those matches stood out as two of the best the company has put on and will stand the test of time. With Sheamus, he’s one of the most consistent members of the WWE roster, and the clashes he’s had with Drew McIntyre show that he can ratchet up the level of violence when necessary.

Looking back at what they’ve done in recent memory, there’s no reason to believe why this match will not deliver from bell to bell. Get ready for some unadulterated violence in a WWE ring.

The Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) versus The Dark Order and “Hangman” Adam Page

This match is contingent upon what happens at AEW Rampage, but there’s a story to tell with “Hangman” Adam Page and The Elite that has been occurring since the inception of All Elite Wrestling. Page’s journey from being anxious about whether he belonged in the top group in wrestling, to becoming a top man himself, is one that eventually ends with the group getting back together.

One step in getting there is this match. While it’s expected that the Bucks and Kenny Omega will win, it will be interesting to see how AEW plays into the gimmick of where Page’s allegiances stand. Don’t expect an outright turn on The Dark Order. Instead, this story can enter its next chapter with Page simply telling his new friends that he is going to go hang out with his old friends that he’s missed once again.

Carmelo Hayes versus Ricochet

This was the dream match that wrestling fans didn’t know they needed. NXT Worlds Collide was a surprise show that has suddenly become one with some of the most important matches of the weekend. Hayes continues to excel in WWE NXT, truly standing out as the brand’s “A-Champion.” Everything he does in the ring, from his matches to mic presentation with Trick Williams, works, and fans want to see him pushed to the moon. And while that’s slow to happen, it hasn’t changed the level of interest in the star.

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With Triple H in charge, it finally seems like Ricochet is going to get the opportunity to do what he does best and that is putting on amazing matches. He and Hayes in the ring together should give viewers some of the most ridiculous spots seen in a WWE ring. It will be interesting to see what spots they produce to leave fans chanting and cheering. Hayes will pick up the win, but the ride to get there is going to be one that puts this match near the top of the list for 2022.