Ricochet vs Carmelo Hayes has stakes beyond the title at NXT Worlds Collide


There are a lot of excellent matches set for Labor Day weekend. With All Elite Wrestling and WWE both putting on some strong cards, it’s hard to pick out which matches will end up as the best of the bunch. However, there’s one surprise addition that immediately got fans’ attention and that’s the bout between Carmelo Hayes and Ricochet. While the outcome may be easy to predict, this is the type of matchup that will allow both men to show out on a big stage.

Ever since he stepped onto the main roster, fans have wanted to see Ricochet do what they know he’s capable of doing in the ring. His brief time in WWE NXT gave flashes, but his catalog of matches throughout the independent scene and as Prince Puma was exactly why the excitement of his signing went through the roof. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond his control, which has not come to fruition on the main roster. At least not to this point, as it seems like Triple H has different plans in mind.

Therefore, his return to NXT comes at the perfect time. Carmelo Hayes is in the same place Ricochet was a few short years ago. In some ways, he’s at a higher point. Hayes has all the makings of a top star in any professional wrestling organization. His in-ring skills stand among the best and his character presentation works well with what fans have enjoyed. Hayes has shown the potential of someone that can headline a WrestleMania against the top stars in the WWE today. This is what makes this match so important for both men.

For Ricochet, this is an opportunity to remind fans what he is capable of doing with a competitor that can match him every step along the way. Ricochet has seen a small push on SmackDown since the change in creative but putting on a match of the year candidate this Sunday can help that push get elevated to unexpected levels.

Then with Hayes, his time on NXT must be coming to a close at some point in early 2023. Even though he hasn’t gained the NXT Championship, he’s performed like he is that “A-Champion” he claims to be. Setting the tone of what he can do with someone of a high level from the main roster would create some anticipation for when he does walk through that curtain. Hopefully, there’s a debut in the 2023 Royal Rumble waiting for him.

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There are a lot of big matches to keep an eye on this weekend. Even though the NXT North American Championship is on the line, the stakes are big for the futures of both Carmelo Hayes and Ricochet at WWE NXT Worlds Collide.