WWE Clash At The Castle: Top 3 moments


The Clash at the Castle premium live event over-delivered for what will be a memorable weekend for pro wrestling. The formula was simple for this one, hard-hitting action from top to bottom in front of a raucous crowd. There’s no question that shows in the UK should happen annually.

These are the top 3 moments of Clash at the Castle

Clash at the Castle had electric energy you could feel from wherever you watched and also provided some noteworthy moments down the card. Here are some of the best moments of the show.

Imperium is Forever

The HHH redemption tour continues bringing back a favorite faction of the WWE Universe. Credit to the beautifully violent performance of GUNTHER and Sheamus which absolutely stole the night. However, the reveal of Giovanni Vinci during GUNTHER’s entrance adds a new layer to an already dominant intercontinental title reign.

Vinci was the super athlete of Imperium, often times drawing comparisons to Cesaro for amazing feats of strength. Imperium at their complete form on the main roster opens the door for endless possibilities. Perhaps an extended rivalry with the Brawling Brutes, or an eventual standoff with the Bloodline for control of Smackdown.

Dominik Finally Turns

Dominik has had a tumultuous journey in the WWE since debuting. Never seeming to stand out from the shadow of his father. With one clothesline that may have finally changed his trajectory. Fans may recognize the look Dominik is sporting lately, as well the turn being a call back to the late Eddie Guerrero. This moment may carve a path for fans to actually get invested in his character for once.

Dominik Mysterio growing tired of seeking approval from his father can be a good storyline to build his persona as an individual. Perhaps joining Judgment Day could also be on the table, but a better idea would be alignment in the soon-to-debut Legado del Fantasma. It took a while to build to this moment and it’s been predicted for months. All is well because, with it, fans possibly got the gif of the year with members of the Judgment Day pointing and laughing at Rey. A two-for-one special indeed.

The Crowd

The WWE Universe deserves credit for all of the top moments of the show. They made their presence felt for the first premium live event in 30 years. Their cheers, jeers, and chants made the show feel that much bigger. From the start of the show with “Hey Bayley” chants which likely made it hard for Bayley to stay in character from such appreciation. Then there was the standing ovation Sheamus received after doing battle with GUNTHER. A very deserved round of applause for one of the best performers of this era and someone who was near retirement just years ago.

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The fans gave Sheamus a beautiful moment that could make everyone watching at home reflect on why we love pro wrestling so much. Cardiff also played choir to Seth Rollins, chanting the melody of his theme mid-match reminiscent of the World Cup. Lastly, the singing of “American Pie” was led by Tyson Fury along with Drew Mcintyre. The crowd brought the familial vibes of past WWE events that are few and far between in the states. The company should be looking to the NFL model and host two premium live events every year in the UK.