Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle in the Fight Pit is perfect for WWE Extreme Rules

Under Triple H, the WWE has become a place where physicality has a place on the show and several examples point that out. With Extreme Rules coming in October, fans can expect some violence to go down in the ring and outside of it. Matt Riddle versus Seth Rollins was a great match at Clash at the Castle, but the feud may not be over yet, at least not in the eyes of Riddle. Could they face off at Extreme Rules? Of course, but if they do, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the Fight Pit to the main roster.

Extreme Rules is about high-stake matches where foes can go to extraordinary lengths to get the victory. Since 2009 fans have witnessed all types of specialty matches at the PPV. Everything from Jeff Hardy versus Edge back in 2009, to the Shield versus Evolution in 2014, to the Extreme Rules Fatal Five-way in 2017, all stand out in the minds of fans as epic moments in WWE history. The Fight Pit is a match style that fans who do not watch NXT may not be familiar with, but it’s one that would be welcomed in today’s WWE.

To date, the Fight Pit has occurred twice in NXT. It was Riddle’s last match in NXT before being called up to the main roster. Tommaso Ciampa is also a veteran of the Fight Pit, with both men taking on Tim Thatcher. Both were strong matches but imagine them with the scale and presentation that comes with being on the main roster. It would be a fantastic way to bring a close to a feud that has brought a level of realism into the ring.

Over in the women’s division, there was an opportunity to introduce War Games to the main roster. That doesn’t feel like the case, but that could change with Survivor Series on the horizon. The Fight Pit is another match from NXT that could show up on the main roster and Extreme Rules is exactly where it would fit.