“Big Match” Bryan Danielson is the best professional wrestler of this generation

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It’s time to talk about Bryan Danielson as the best of this generation.

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam is headlined by a major match, as Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley face off again, this time with the AEW World Championship on the line. It’s a rematch that wrestling fans would have seen at some point, but due to backstage issues, one that as come much sooner than expected. Eyes may be focused on a potential angle between Moxley and MJF, it’s Danielson that seems more in the position to capture the AEW World Championship. With his one-year anniversary in AEW just passing, his contributions to the company have been monumental, cementing him as the greatest performer of this generation.

It’s time that we give Danielson the nickname “Big Match Bryan.” Even before his surprise departure from WWE, Danielson had a catalog of matches that any professional wrestler would kill to call their own. Not only did he continue that career path as a part of AEW, but he’s also stepped into another stratosphere.

Professional wrestling fans can count on Danielson to deliver

Pick out any prominent match from Danielson’s AEW run and there’s a chance you’ll find an encounter that is worthy of Match of the Year accolades. Danielson versus Moxley at Revolution? Danielson versus Wheeler Yuta? The madness that was Anarchy in the Arena at Double or Nothing? His series against Daniel Garcia? What about his two matches against Chris Jericho? Or the rematch against Adam Page? You picked up the trend long ago, Danielson is a “Match of the Year” machine.

But it’s not just that. It’s the fact that he delivers when the lights are shining the brightest. Professional sports fans know there are athletes that teams and fans counted on throughout the years to hit a big shot or make a play when it was needed the most. Danielson is that guy when it comes to professional wrestling. As AEW struggles with growing pains, Danielson is one of the individuals the company can count on when it is time to deliver in any aspect needed to keep fans excited about the product. This is why he must win the AEW World Championship; not only giving Moxley his well-deserved time off but being a point of career appreciation for what Danielson has done and achieved both in the long term, but in the short term as a part of AEW.

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There are a lot of names that may come up when fans debate about who is their pick for the top professional wrestler of this generation. It’s hard to vote against Bryan Danielson and he is going to put another notch in his belt when he picks up the AEW World Championship at Dynamite Grand Slam.