AEW spotlight: Jamie Hayter is an underrated force in the women’s division


Jamie Hayter is an underrated force in the AEW women’s division.

There has been a lot going on in the AEW women’s division from debuts of stars to domination from the reigning TBS champion Jade Cargill. There is one factor that most fans don’t talk about enough and that’s Jamie Hayter. Jamie has made a splash since bursting onto the scene aligned with Dr.Britt Baker, but there is so much more to her than what has been displayed on AEW Dynamite.

Within the last year, Ruby Soho, Toni Storm, Athena, and now Saraya have all made their presence felt in AEW. It makes it that much harder to display all talent and someone like Jamie Hayter can sometimes be overlooked, but that’s something that should change soon.

What Jamie Hayer truly brings to AEW.

Jamie is an absolute powerhouse in AEW and she presents a fearless style that’s underappreciated. Whether it’s a single or tag team match, Jamie is not above throwing caution in the wind to dish out punishment and also receive it. That makes her a big possibility for the women’s and TBS championships.

When watching Hayter in the ring, she will gladly take the brunt of the punishment. One of the most notable things about her is how she will take heart-stopping falls, especially against opponents who are known for dives out of the ring.

Her breaking away from Dr.Britt Baker has been a long time coming and should have happened a while ago. It always seemed like just as Hayter was close to pulling away from Baker, there is always something that draws her back in.

Hopefully, it’s the end of it for Hayter because she is truthfully a competitor who doesn’t need an alliance, faction, or a manager to stand out. She is a person who stands alone and when given the right opportunity, she can hold the torch and lead the way for AEW to go to new heights.

The support for Hayter has only grown with fans beginning to appreciate the hard-hitting style. One of the best things is she arguably has one of the deadliest lariats with only one other competitor who has an equally lethal lariat in the independent circuit. All it takes is one strike for her to obtain a victory over her opponent and it will soon be interesting in championship scenarios.

She is in hot pursuit of her first taste of championship gold and even though she has come up short for the women’s title, it makes things interesting for the TBS championship as Jade Cargill has made it known that there is no one left.

The irony is that Jade has yet to step in the ring one on one with Jamie Hayter, but hopefully, that changes in the future. The other ironic aspect is that the competitors who have had their eyes on Jade have been the ones who tend to overshadow Hayter as the sprinkle of nostalgia takes place as their favorite stars make it on the scene and go against Cargill.

While all of that happened, Hayter continued her complicated partnership that was hanging on by the thread while it all went down. It almost seems like disrespect that Cargill is looking for other contenders who are making their debuts or early in their first appearances as signed competitors while Hayter was seemingly forgotten.

It’s time to have a discussion about Hayter hitting that next level as a singles competitor and putting all the respect in the entire world on her name for the skills she possesses. The truth is, it’s okay to sign new talent, but don’t forget to show love and respect for Hayter, who was honestly a steal since she would have fit in with any major company.

One can hope that this will lead to Hayter being in the center of the spotlight and continuing her fast process of winning fans over for her competitiveness and her champion mentality. It would be the perfect segway into 2023 to refocus on Hayter and see her role grow within the company.

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Jamie Hayter will continue her rise and take it to the next level. Either way, she is an underrated competitor and a true wildcard in the women’s division for both titles and it will be interesting as she shifts that focus on AEW Dynamite.